Kumkum Bhagya 28th October 2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Ranbir coming behind Rhea and asks what did you tell Mummy there? He asks Rhea to stop and says I told you not to think that way, else your marriage will spoil. Rhea asks shall I close my eyes and pretend as if everything is fine in my married life.

She says I can’t keep others in lie, that everything is fine in your marriage. Ranbir shouts Rhea. Rhea asks him to vent out his anger on Prachi and fight with her, and be honest in the relation. Ranbir says you wants to see honesty, and says you haven’t changed, but has acquired some good qualities, but still your bad qualities is with you inside.

He asks her to keep her misunderstanding or doubts with herself and says whatever you imagine and the accusations, I am involved, my wife is involved and my brother is involved too. He says due to your overthinking, you will ruin 4 people’s lives. Rhea says you have mind, then why don’t you use it. you can’t control your anger as your wife and brother are involved.

She says I am angry as my sister and husband are involved and betraying my friend. She says we are born and stayed in the same house, went to same school, if we had married and then says we are married to each other brother and sister, our relation is changed, and tells that she can’t see Prachi telling these things to him.

She says let me be clear, anyone can bear to see relations breaking, but can’t bear heart break or trust breaking, from the person whom she/he loves a lot. Ranbir asks her to stop. Rhea says I will prove that whatever I told you, is truth. Prachi comes there and asks what is truth?

Tanu asks Aaliya how did Pragya refuse? Aaliya says Gaurav said that she needs time. Tanu says right. Aaliya says if Pragya refuses, then what will happen with Bhai. Tanu says we have one solution, Pragya shall give her everything to Gaurav, else Abhi will not be out. Pragya asks if they are with Gaurav.

Kumkum Bhagya 27th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Tanu says no. Aaliya says Gaurav called and told that he has proofs to prove Bhai’s innocence. Pragya says I will not stop even for your brother this time. Aaliya bends down infront of her and says save my brother. Gaurav has proofs, he can prove Bhai innocent, save your love and give whatever Gaurav is asking. She folds her hands. Tanu says now it will be revealed, if there is love or not. Pragya calls Shagun and goes.

Prachi asks Rhea what is truth? Ranbir says truth is that, I was telling her how much you loves me. Prachi says you can talk something else too. He says I told that you had worked all night in study room, and came to cover blanket on me. He says it is her habit to cover me with blanket always, and says she loves me a lot.

Rhea says until she is here, enjoy this. Prachi asks what does it mean? She asks why did you say this? Rhea says due to time, love also changes. Prachi says love never changes, and it always remain, but priorities do changed, but my priority will never change. Rhea says sometimes it changes, and says best example is mom and dad.

She says they stayed separately for 20 years and asks what was changed, their love or priorities, decide yourself. Ranbir asks Prachi what happened? Prachi says something has happened with her, and says why she is behaving this way. Ranbir says how to tell you, that your own sister is doubting you.

Pragya brings food for Abhi. He says already you are bearing so much and now made food for me. She says she likes to make food for him. He asks what happened when you had gone to meet Gaurav. Pragya says I will tell you, but first have food.

He says he doesn’t know what to do? Pragya asks him to keep his heart calm so that they can think good. She asks him to trust him and says I will take you out. He says do you know why Kiara used to call me Superman. He says she used to think that I can do anything, and can save the world. He says he couldn’t solve his family’s problem and feels like a blo*dy loser. Pragya says I am here today, due to you.

I got strength from you to achieve all this. I have achieved this, to show you. He asks why? There might be a reason. Pragya says I will tell you everything once you come out from here, but not today. She asks him to eat food for her, so that she can have a peaceful sleep. Abhi asks her to make him eat food. She makes him have food. He says he is angry and worries for her.

Ranbir comes to Prachi and finds her standing on the window. He asks what is she looking at? Prachi says I am just standing. She tells that she felt as if something bad happened, and says she called Maa and she is not picking the call. She says Rhea is behaving strangely. He asks will you drink tea? She says no.

Ranbir says you are not doing office work. Prachi says she don’t want to do. Ranbir hugs her and says she has fever. She says nothing. He says he will not compromise on her health and asks her to have medicines. He says I am telling you to swallow the medicines. Pragya takes the medicines. He asks her to lie down on the bed and ask him if she needs anything. Prachi holds his hand, and asks if we will not get separated ever, Ranbir.

He asks what are you saying? Prachi asks him to give her an answer. Ranbir asks her not to think about Rhea’s words. Prachi says I am not thinking about Rhea, I am just concerned for your thoughts. Ranbir says I will just love you all my life, this is my promise. Prachi hugs him.

Abhi asks Pragya to tell what happened, when she met Gaurav? Pragya says Gaurav said that he has done this and told that he has proofs to prove your innocence, in which you didn’t give any order to break the wall. Abhi says it means it is his direct involvement. He asks what he asked? Pragya says he asked everything, all company shares, factories, properties and also event company.

Abhi gets up in shock and says he has found this way to snatch your everything from you by trapping me. He says I am happy that you have earned this due to me, and says I can’t bear to see you losing everything. He says he can’t stay with this guilt that he became the reason for her loss. Pragya says case is weak and even our lawyer thinks that the chances of our victory is less.

He says Superman will come and will justify the name given by his daughter. He says I am happy to know that I am the reason for your success and I can’t live becoming your destruction. Constable says meeting time is over. Pragya is about to go. Abhi calls her. Pragya comes to him. He holds her hand. Darmiyan song plays…..Benaam rishta jo plays…..

Sushma calls Pragya and says don’t be scared, I am coming there. Pragya says I am not scared, but he is losing his courage. Sushma asks who has done this? Pragya says Gaurav, he himself told me that he has proofs, and says he has set up everything. Sushma asks what did he ask? Pragya says he wants companies, factories and all. Sushma is shocked.

Precap :Pragya gives her everything to Gaurav and asks him to give the proofs. Gaurav sent the proofs. Inspector shocks Pragya and asks if it is a joke or his plan. Sid comes to Prachi and Ranbir and asks Prachi to have hot sheera, Ranbir asks how did you come between us suddenly? Rhea says Sid haven’t made tea for me until now, and today he has made sheera for you with so much love, not bad. Ranbir and Prachi looks shocked.

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