Kumkum Bhagya 25th April 2022 Written Update:

Kumkum Bhagya 25th April 2022 Written Update, written episode on serialtalk.com

The episode begins with Sahana requesting that Pallavi not to revile a mother for acting naturally a mother. Pallavi says she is a mother yet not Prachi and she won’t ever turn into a mother. Sahana is going to say something yet Prachi takes her from that point. Prachi requests that Sahana not educate anybody regarding her pregnancy as she needs to tell to Ranbir that she is pregnant with his youngster and no one ought to be aware of this.

According to sahana, simply sit back and relax, I won’t tell anything to anybody. Vikram says he heard it. Rhea whips Nick and goes after him with jar abd questions why he went after Ranbir. Scratch says Tony went after Prachi however Ranbir comes in the middle so kindly pardon me and give my cash and Preeti. Aliya consents to give him cash. Rhea tells she really wants to get back to the emergency clinic. Aliya sends her.

Aliya handovers cash and Preethi to Nick. She cautions them to leave. Preethi asks everything she will say to others about her. Aliya says I will let everybody know that you’re on a leave and you can rejoin when everything gets settled. Vikram asks what matter they need to stow away from everybody. They oversee him telling something. Vikram requests that they pardon Pallavi assuming she said anything wrong to them and requests that they figure out Pallavi’s condition. Prachi tells they can comprehend. He leaves. Prachi lets Sahana know that she is feeling torment and request that she check if any gynecologist accessible in the emergency clinic.

Vikram consoles Pallavi telling nothing can happen to their Ranbir. Dida comes to the clinic. She requests that Vikram make her meet Ranbir. He tells Ranbir is getting treated. Specialist comes there and lets them know that Ranbir is out of risk. They go to meet Ranbir. The Doctor really looks at Prachi. She asks Prachi for what reason she is imprudent with her child. Prachi inquires as to whether the child is fine. Specialist says the child is fine however I don’t feel the child is fine with you. Prachi says I tumble down which isn’t in my grasp. Specialist requests that Prachi not take the pressure and requests that she live with her companion assuming she generally dislikes her better half or her parents in law. Prachi concurs. Specialist requests that she give her standard Doctor’s number. Prachi gives her number and passes on to meet her better half.

Ranbir sees his relatives. He looks for Prachi. Pallavi cries seeing him. Ranbir requests that she not cry. Ranbir plays a trick and says hearing their words he is feeling torment. Pallavi and Deda request that the specialist actually take a look at it. Later they comprehend that he is pulling a trick on them. Ranbir gets some information about Prachi. Pallavi says she isn’t here and Rhea is extremely stressed over him. Rhea comes to the emergency clinic she requests that a medical attendant put a bandage for her injury. Alia later comes to the clinic and calls Rhea asking where is she. Rhea says she is in the emergency clinic and the medical caretaker is putting bandage. Rhea calls Aliya as she sees her.

Aliya comes to her. Nurture says she will call the specialist and he will give her solution. Rhea doesn’t tune in however Aliya persuades her to remain. Pallavi says Rhea is extremely stressed over him and she went out of nowhere she doesn’t have the foggiest idea why. Ranbir gets some information about Prachi. Pallavi says she could have headed off to some place. Ranbir additionally says she could have gone to the house. It’s great for her as she confronted a ton of stress today. Pallavi says assuming that her better half is in the clinic she won’t leave him. Dida says then you ought to express this to Rhea as you just think of her as your girl in regulation.

Shahana and Prachi discuss getting the report before the family sees it. Shahana likewise tells Prachi to avoid pressure. Ranbir shares with Dida there is distinction of how we show love in every age. Prachi should have not been well. First she must be well to deal with me. Pallavi says Rhea additionally could have thought like that. Rhea goes into the room Ranbir thinks it is Prachi. Ranbir asks Rhea not to cry and says he is fine. Specialist comes and he inquires as to whether he can be released. Specialist says on the off chance that he can take appropriate rest at home then he can be released. Vikram and Doctor go to finish release customs. Rhea expresses because of Ranbir. Ranbir inquires as to why. Rhea says for saving her life.

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