Kumkum Bhagya 17th November 2022 Written Update:

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Episode begins with Prachi and Ranbir stowing away from hooligans. Hooligan shows cash he got from Rhea to their principal thug. The fundamental individual slaps him for leaving Rhea. He says they might get more cash in the event that they shakedown Rhea’s family as she, when all is said and done, organized 10 lakhs. Rhea attempts to leave the stockroom from the rear.

Rhea calls Alia yet she doesn’t go to the call. Rhea messages Alia. Alia calls Rhea and inquires as to why she called her from an obscure number. Rhea uncovers to Alia how her man outmaneuvered them. She advises Alia that they need to mislead Sid that Mihika is with them until he gets hitched to Prachi. She says she will demolish Prachi’s life and detaches the call. Hooligan again catches Rhea and takes her with him.

Ranbir and Prachi contend with one another. Prachi sees Shahana. Ranbir sees Aryan. Hooligans are going to get Shahana however Aryan redirects their consideration and saves Shahana. He takes Shahana with him and runs out. Prachi and Ranbir escape alongside them. Visitor asks Alia where is Prachi.

Alia says she will tell her once she sees as her. Alia thinks Prachi is absent and just Pallavi can bring back Prachi. Alia tells Pallavi that Visitors are trusting that Prachi will gift her however Prachi hasn’t arrived. Pallavi says she didn’t have the foggiest idea where is Prachi. Alia says nobody knows regarding Prachi and it’s inappropriate to leave without illuminating anybody.

Dida hears it. She requests Alia to not ruin the mind-set from capability by inciting Pallavi and she tells Pallavi that Prachi is understanding and she perhaps close to the kitchen. Pallavi says she won’t take off from in the event that Prachi isn’t in the house. Dida goes to look for Prachi. Alia thinks she is terrified of Prachi’s brilliance.

Hooligan reclaims Rhea to their stockroom where they kept Mihika. Rhea questions his morals. He asks her fo not to inquiry him as she doesn’t have any. Alia’s thug attempts to slap Rhea to get his payback however Rhea turns his hand and cautions him to never contact her. Rhea takes off the material from Mihika and asks how she is feeling.

She faults Mihika for her incident. Mihika ridicules Rhea and says now I realize the reason why you’re not with Ranbir and your destiny isn’t great that is the reason Ranbir is with Prachi. Rhea hits Mihika and battles with her. Thugs separate them and steer them this way and that.

Dida looks for Prachi. She gets some information about Prachi. Sid says Prachi is no place. She inquires as to whether he saw Rhea. Sid says no. Dida says I requested that Prachi follow Rhea like a shadow until they get Rhea’s report and it’s my misstep and she might go behind Rhea.

Sid figures Rhea may be changing Mihika place. He leaves in rush. Aryan sees Ranbir’s vehicle. Ranbir and Prachi meet them. Prachi and Shahana request that them how save Rhea. Aryan and Ranbir think for an arrangement. Aryan proposes Ranbir to turn into a reviewer. Ranbir says he requested a few dresses for the subject party and he might have a police ensemble. Ranbir opens the bag and takes out the police ensemble. Ranbir and Shahana choose to become police.

Aryan chooses to turn into the supervillain gabbar. Prachi has no dress to change. Ranbir, Shahana, and Aryan change into their ensembles. Ranbir lets Prachi know that they will proceed to save Rhea and requests that she stand by close to the vehicle as she doesn’t have an ensemble. Prachi says she will go with them yet get doesn’t tune in and leave. Prachi figures they will require her assistance.

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