Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 13th January 2022 Written Update:

Baji says we should be companions? Kashi says sit on this swing. He expresses what was the deal? Kashi says I am Kashibai. I needn’t bother with anything in favor. He says it’s anything but some help. I said no last time so you’re asking consequently of your assistance.

He says no I just need your heart. Whatever occurred between our folks was between them. Anything that will be between you and me, I will know it. Kashi says how might you know my heart? He says I will peruse your heart.

He causes her to sit on the swing. He says I will do what your heart says. I will get you all the joy. Furthermore this is to make you glad that Baji is your companion, similar to I will forever be pleased that Kashi is my companion. Kashi says do you know satisfaction?

how might you bring it? He says I’ve seen it in your grin. I will discover where your satisfaction and you can tell me gradually. I will forever keep you glad. Do you acknowledge my joy? If it’s not too much trouble, say it.

Baji says Kashi? Do you acknowledge my kinship? He goes in the lake and says Kashi say OK. This kinship will stand out forever. Do you acknowledge my kinship? Kashi reviews everything that he did. Kashi says I acknowledge it. She grins. Baji sprinkles blossoms on her. He comes to Kashi. Radha remains in the middle of them. Radha takes the two of them from that point.

Radha says the previous evening went to lake and presently to that town? Assuming you stay up the entire evening, how might you rehearse in the first part of the day? Do you at any point know your obligation? Or on the other hand the error that you did. He says OK. I ought to be rebuffed. He broadens his hand. Kashi broadens her hand and says we can separate the discipline as well.

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 12th January 2022 Written Update:

Baji says I took you from here. She says however we went together. Radha says OK you both will be puinshed. Proceed to remain outside the house in cold. So you understand the evenings are to rest so you can work the following morning. Baji says aai, let Kashi go. If it’s not too much trouble. Let her rest. Kashi holds Baji’s hand and says aai said it. How might we say no. she takes him out. Balaji expresses what you are doing, I am against it. I like its aftereffect. Baji and Kashi approach.

Kashi and Baji remain outside. He says you should believe it’s a major value you need to pay to turn into my companion. We just became companion and presently you’re rebuffed. she says we became companions and got to get to know each other.

He says I didn’t realize you express such beneficial things. Kashi says you were my foe, you’re companion now. You will know a great deal of things. I likewise discovered you can make companions as well. Baji says and? She says and you deal with my bliss. Also you saved my life.

Radha is irate. Balaji says would you confirm or deny that you are glad? They’re together and not battling? Radha says is there any valid reason why I won’t be cheerful? I need them to be the most grounded together yet I don’t need Baji to become frail. I never raised him like different mothers.

Never indulged him off. You figure I would have rather not make him rest in my life? However, I don’t do that. I never sang him bedtime song. I knew the ones who pay attention to bedtime song can’t pay attention to individuals’ concerns. She’s attempting to make him delicate like her. she’s to become solid all things being equal. I will do what I believe is correct. She leaves.

The following morning, Baji is up. Kashi is sleeping on his shoulder. Radha comes. Radha says before anybody sees you, prepare and come for arti. Baji says Kashi open your eyes in any event. He says take today light as first endowment of our kinship. Kashi grins. Kashi comes inside. She’s cheerful. Ganga says you look exceptionally glad.

Kashi says you will not comprehend. She says my companion gave me light. Ganga says which companion? She says Baji and I are companions. Radha checks out them and says Baji can’t turn into this.

Baji expresses what are you searching for? She says I really want to cut this material. He says hold it. He cuts it with his blade. Radha takes a gander at them. Kashi says much obliged. Baji says done. Kashi says amazing. He says you are my companion so I did this. In any case my blade just cuts foes. Kashi says your blade did something beneficial interestingly.

It didn’t kill anybody. All as a result of me. He says much obliged. He does homage her. He says thank you Kashibai. Radha is furious to see this. Radha says his blade isn’t being regard.

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