Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 11th March 2022 Written Update:

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 11th March 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Baji let Digambar know that he helped Mahadji that is extraordinary. He needs to give him the prize for that. He gives toxic substance to Digambar and guarantees him that I will drink it and my family will likewise drink the toxin. Digambar gets stunned and says he can’t kill them. Baji advises him to unwind and says now Saswad needs his assistance so he should help them in emergency. Baji guarantees him that he will return back the cash to him soon. Everybody supports Baji. He thinks who is the guide who gave him such an extraordinary encourage to tell individuals. Baji says why Kashi gave cash to Damaji, due to her his family is confronting embarrassment.

Kashi comes to him and salutes him for the adulates he got in Darbar. Baji says he heard lauds yet individuals don’t realize that he saved his family from Damaji’s snare yet they are accepting that cash saved them. Kashi says she was truly stressed for her family so she lost the force of reasoning. He says whats the need of giving cash to Damaji. Kashi says assuming he was in her place how might he respond? Baji answers in the event that she was caught in his place, he would have accepted she will get a handle on a way. He would have let her kick the bucket assuming that there was no arrangement.

Kashi says she is hearing these enormous significant words interestingly. That time she was separated from everyone else and took the choice frantically. She requests expression of remorse however he says her life will fully recover again yet they will not get back the lost regard. She attempts to persuade him yet he advises her to leave as he is occupied. Kashi leaves upset and figures how might she make him comprehend.

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Damaji comes to Balaji restricted with chains. He argues before Balaji to pardon him. Damaji says the last option can take all his cash yet ought to pardon him. Balaji says he will get tormented today yet the genuine discipline will be given to him by King Shahu. Kashi says she needs to ask Damaji something before he leaves. Balaji permits her and requests that she think prior to talking. Kashi requests that Damaji uncover that she didn’t save her parents in law by giving cash however Baji saved them with his courage. Ruler Shahu comes to meet Balaji.

Lord Shahu calls Kashi and favors her for saving her family by gathering such a gigantic measure of cash at this age. Balaji, Baji and Radha feel embarassed and Balaji sends Kashi to kitchen. Lord Shahu says he needs to go to a mission with his officers. Balaji says yet he previously made the arrangements to assault the adversaries. Ruler Shahu requests that he get some rest as he endured a great deal. Balaji feels that King Shahu has zero faith in him like before in view of this occurrence.

He demands King to allow him a single opportunity to demonstrate that he can overcome the foes. Later Balaji lets Baji know that they need to effectively acquire King Shahu’s trust once more. Chimaji tells Kashi that Balaji is concerned as he naturally suspects King Shahu lost confidence on him. He doesn’t need him to do battle. Kashi thinks in the event that Damaji came clean this could never have occurred. Kashi sees a plant needs care as it’s withering and she gets a thought from that. Bajirao again sees a bolt and tracks down a note there. Kashi notices him subtly and figures he will get every one of the arrangements of his concerns now.

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