Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 26th May 2022 Written Update:

Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 26th May 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

The episode starts with Badri sitting and crying. Kashi comes and requests that he secure position. Badri says I won’t leave you. Kashi says I am jobless, what work will I give you? Kindly continue on and get a new line of work. Kashi says you generally need to remain with me yet what will happen when you wed. Badri says I lack anybody yet you have, you ought to educate her concerning your sentiments. Kashi says you are not dealing with tulsi ji. Badri says wed Purvi, everything will make sense. Kashi says I would have said yet the circumstance isn’t right as she would naturally suspect I am saying this in light of circumstance, I am hanging tight for right second. Badri expresses out loud whatever assuming that you generally look for the perfect opportunity.

Purvi expresses out loud whatever perfect opportunity? Could it be said that you are heading off to some place? Kashi says no where, for what reason didn’t you go to radio broadcast today is your most memorable day. Purvi says I was going to go however, might you at any point accompany me as I am exceptionally apprehensive and this is my most memorable work. Badri grins. Kashi looks on and expresses out loud whatever on the off chance that they don’t permit me head inside? Purvi said today is simply enlistment and I conversed with my cordinator about you coming. Badri expresses go with her. Purvi says I have a real sense of security when you are with me. Purvi holds Kashi’s hand and says if it’s not too much trouble, accompany me. Badri grins. Kashi says OK. Purvi gets blissful. Kashi goes inside to prepare. Purvi requests that Badri go to Isha as she has arranged an unexpected treat for Kashi.

Here, Isha and Kusum put pickles in little boxes. Isha says I will gain from you and our business will blast. Jagannath comes and gets some information about the thing she is doing? Kusum says Isha recommended to sell pickles as everybody likes it. Isha says everybody loves custom made pickles, it will be so great. Jagannath says it could work in Delhi however here in each home pickles are made.

Kusum says ask the children, everybody cherishes my pickles so it’s unique. Jagannath says each youngster likes food from their mom. Kusum gets miserable. Isha says for what reason would you say you are harming Kusum? Jagannath says I am simply safeguarding her from getting injured. Isha says think not negative, I have the ideal thought, Banaras has such countless lodgings, we will give them free examples and afterward they can arrange more, basic. Jagannath says it’s difficult, you folks are in fantasy land, as of now we have so many strain. Jagannath goes. Isha asks Kusum not to feel terrible. Kusum says let it be, I don’t do things making Jagannath upset.

Here, Purvi is given brief about how to utilize the types of gear. Purvi grasps everything. Purvi requests that the individual permit all her companion with them. The individual concurs and goes. Kashi communicates his interest seeing the radio office and asks Purvi not to be apprehensive and demonstrate to everybody how she is solid, to that Subodh and to your folks. Purvi says you are correct, I maintain that Jagannath and Kusum should stand by listening to me, I maintain that they should be pleased with me. Purvi does the mic test. Kashi reveres Purvi.

Here, Kusum comes to room and hacks to definitely stand out enough to be noticed. Kusum says you never pay attention to me, not even at this point. Jagannath says OK tell. Kusum says you are looking so furious, I can’t say. Jagannath says OK currently express out loud whatever I don’t tune in. Kusum says I frenzy and dread when you fly off the handle, OK tune in, deep rooted I have consistently considered you so much and worth you, I generally feel pleased when somebody lauds you yet you have never felt glad for me. Jagannath expresses out loud whatever would you say you are saying? Kusum says you have close to zero familiarity with my beneficial things you can be glad for.

Jagannath says you are taking it wrong, I have consistently lauded you. Kusum says yed you have yet when I have consistently paid attention to you, when I strolled behind you just at those times. Jagannath says I have consistently thought of you as equivalent. Kusum says in the event that you would have thought of me as equivalent, you could not have possibly taken the pressure alone. Jagannath says dislike that, imagine something amazing, I generally support you. Kusum says you are simply attempting to confound me in talks, I know family things so I needed to offer that to society.

Precap – Jagannath and Kusum partake in Purvi’s public broadcast.

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