Imlie Written Update 27th October 2022:

Imlie Written Update 27th October 2022 on

Episode begins with Atharv telling those outfitted men to not cause any situation on the wedding. They previously welcomed visitors by giving cards then who are they? Those outfitted men get into mischief with Atharv and the last option takes steps to beat them. He learns they are watches for a celebrity visitor. Atharv demands the visitor to advise those men to leave.

Rudra requests that Chini take the cash and leave Atharv. He realizes she doesn’t cherish Atharv, she is after his cash which she won’t get subsequent to getting hitched to him. Chini behaves like she will not acknowledge the proposal as she is enamored.

Rudra says he can perceive a business seller as he, when all is said and done, is a money manager. He requests that she reevaluate her choice and she cannot go to trips or can’t get rich subsequent to wedding Arto. Rudra says he has insight so he is encouraging her to leave him. He continues to persuade her to take the cash.

Chini at last gets persuaded and takes the cash. She is going to leave and Rudra requests the bangles she is wearing. He says she doesn’t have the right to keep them as they are for Imlie’s hands. He additionally requests that Chini give her marriage clothing. He yells at her for exploiting Imlie exactly the way that she exploited Atharv.

Chini gets frightened and he is sorry to her for talking impolitely however at that point adds he will not endure her theatrics any longer. Chini arrives at the scene with the money and Imlie stops her. Imlie asks her where could she have been? Chini lies she got a few costly gifts so she will keep them in room.

Imlie asks her what is more significant than her sister for the present? Imlie takes the pack from Chini however Anu advises Imlie to go to the mandap. Everybody is pausing. Atharv gets cheerful and says he has numerous comments to Chini. Rudra gives the bangles back to Imlie. She ponders she was at that point wearing them. Rudra requests that she wear them, he favors her. Atharv thinks consider the possibility that Chini gets found out by Rudra.

Anu admonishes Chini for her idiocy. Chini says Rudra said he will abandon Atharv from his property. Anu says Rudra can never do as such as he paid off her for saving his child from her. Chini says Imlie is destined to be the boss however she is a failure. Everybody thinks of her as terrible and she got offended by Rudra a great deal. Chini says now she will end up being awful. She will make the most of the possibilities. She won’t allow Atharv to get hitched to Imlie. Anu gets glad to hear that.

Anu incites the guardians of the MP that Atharv offended them before all and individuals will ridicule them. Their inner self gets injured and they choose to startle Atharv. Rathores request that he eliminate Imlie’s cover and check out at her into the mirror. Atharv supposes assuming he does that Chini will get found out. They drive him and before he could eliminate the cloak those outfitted men begin terminating at the setting.

Atharv saves himself from the slug and cautions those gatekeepers to leave else he will throw them out. Atharv gets into a battle with them when they overlook his admonition. Atharv’s family and everybody get stunned. Monitors hold Atharv firmly and Imlie tosses a consuming wood at a watchman who is pointing weapon at Atharv. She continues to toss the forest from the hawan kund. The gatekeeper shoots her hand. Atharv yells Chini and her cloak gets taken out. Atharv is stunned to see her. Later the gatekeepers get found out by the police and Imlie’s injury gets treated. She asks Atharv for what good reason he took Chini’s name

Precap-Anu and Chini induce Atharv saying Imlie recruited those hooligans for herself and she undermined Chini to not wed him else she will toss her out.

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