Imlie Written Update 24th October 2022:

Imlie Written Update 24th October 2022 on

Episode begins with Imlie telling Chini that Atharv is her future spouse and he gave her the right on himself before anybody and furthermore he isn’t an article so she will initially apply on him then Chini can do likewise. Chini gets rankled and Imlie applies haldi on him, she says this is the beginning of their deep rooted association. Atharv likewise applies haldi on her.

Chini leaves the scene and Atharv goes to stop her reasoning she could hurt herself once more. He says she guaranteed him she won’t make any such stride. She says he is taking pressure for no great explanation, however she is glad that she will wed him. He says however it is apparently less than ideal as Imlie is extremely blissful. She says there’s nothing correct or wrong enamored. She applies on herself from his hand. He thinks she isn’t understanding how much their families will be harmed after their demonstration. It’s anything but something simple. Chini leaves and Imlie comes there. She tells to wipe some haldi from his face however he can’t do it appropriately without anyone else so she helps him.

She asks him for what good reason he looks stressed and occupied. He says how can she be aware? She says his nose and his shoulders look overburdened with the pressure so she got it. Atharv grins hearing that and she requests that he share his concerns with her so she can take care of business. Before he could come clean somebody calls him. Kia prepares and says she is worried about the possibility that that Chini could effectively stop the wedding. Akash says they will get Atharv hitched to Imlie just regardless. Devika asks Shivani for what good reason the last option is wearing blur garments. Shivani says she feels like Atharv isn’t content with this marriage consequently she doesn’t want to wear sparkly garments. She petitions God for his bliss.

That’s what rudra hears. Imlie composes sonnet in her marriage look. She lets the proofreader know that she is sending him the sonnet. Sundar asks her that she is composing sonnet even on her big day. She says she is feeling apprehensive for some progressions that are coming into her life. Rathores praise her look. Meethi says she seems to be the impression of her mom. Rupy says she will miss Imlie a ton as she will leave them today. Narmada additionally says she is looking pretty. Imlie says she will come to oftentimes meet them.

Atharv asks Rudra for what valid reason they are going with Baraat as wedding is at their place as it were. Rudra says this is a custom and it will fortify their relations considerably more. He consoles him that Imlie is the ideal soul mate for him. Meethi exhorts Imlie that now she needs to impart her life to Atharv. They need to deal with things with adoration. Imlie embraces her in the wake of getting profound. Atharv figures today even God can do nothing.

They all will get injured. Rudra advises him to be ready as Baraat will leave. Imlie sits tight for Baraat and Chini says why the last option puts stock in ceremonies a great deal. Imlie says she feels better doing that. Chini discusses clean up and Imlie says yet she would rather not do make up. Chini demands her and afterward takes a gander at the brush she is holding. She figures this brush will make Imlie oblivious for at some point and she will have her spot in mandap.

Precap-Chini meets Atharv being his lady and he expresses gratitude toward God for everything. Imlie emerges from her room wearing the cloak and goes to mandap.

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