Imlie Written Update 19th October 2022:

Imlie Written Update 19th October 2022 on

Episode begins with Imlie is going to fall yet Chini holds her hand and saves her. Everybody is amazed to see that. Imlie embraces her maxim she is an amazing legend. Sundar gets cheerful. Anu approaches Chini and asks her for what reason she saved Imlie as it was a once in a lifetime chance to make a full verification plan in the event that she was harmed. Anu requests that Chini think something quick. Chini says however annihilating Imlie’s life will be off-base. Anu calls her blameless.

Atharv comes and gets pleased seeing Chini. She grins at him and Imlie additionally gets blissful. Imlie goes towards Atharv’s loved ones. Atharv figures the reason why Chini didn’t come clean to her family yet. Devika praises Imlie and Kia advises Akash that Atharv can hardly hold on to meet Chini. Akash says they need to behave like they are supporting Atharv else they can’t execute their arrangement.

Chini thinks even Atharv’s family is arranging against her. Noone is in her side, she says Anu was correct and presently she will be two steps in the right direction to make the arrangement. Rathores request that Atharv sit next to Imlie without feeling bashful. Atharv says he is infatuated and presently he can go to any degree to get his adoration. Chini asks the cook what’s made for now.

Cook answers she made Palak Paneer for Imlie. That is her #1. Chini says everybody is stressed for her desire just nothing else. Imlie tells about her desire that she needs to hit the dance floor with Atharv. Everybody prods her and she requests Atharv’s hand to hold it. Atharv wavers lastly he gives his hand. Imlie hits the dance floor with him on Adha Ishq tune in her creative mind.

Later her fantasy finishes and she moves on mehendi hai rachne wali tune. Rudra trusts that Atharv will begin succumbing to Imlie. Chini believes Imlie’s mehendi capability will be demolished. She sends the cook away and grinds the spinach and places it in the bowl rather than mehendi. She says spinach won’t leave any variety on Imlie’s palm. Sundar calls her to go to the capability. Chini keeps the bowl and thinks Imlie merits all satisfaction yet for the present she will be the girl in law of Rana’s not Imlie.

Meethi gets close to home reviewing Imlie and Aryan. Imlie trusts that Chini will precede here mehendi begins. Atharv approaches Chini and inquires as to why she did that? She gets apprehensive reasoning assuming that he learned she supplanted the mehendi with spinach.

Imlie sees her folks’ photograph, a few visitors say that she ought to keep an eye on her better half as he is attractive, numerous young ladies are enamored with him. Imlie says he is like Krishna for her. Chini asks Atharv anybody can see them this nearby. He says he isn’t doing some unacceptable thing. She likewise gets heartfelt with him and requests that he gaze for a really long time. Imlie smells the mehendi before the custom and says rose’s smell coming from it.

Precap-Atharv falls on Imlie accidentally and Arpita says their mehendi custom is finished as mehendi got applied on both their hands. Chini feels desirous seeing them.

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