Imlie 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Imlie 29th September 2021 Kidnappers board a flight with Imlie and other girls. Kidnapper asks Imlie not to get nervous and shows her magazine. She pleads him to let her go. He calls Rajni and informs that flight will take off in sometime. Malini hopes Adi doesn’t reach airport. Adi introduces himself to security officer and asks him to stop all the flights from take off as his wife Imlie is in one of them as he got her paper in airport.

Officer says as a reporter he should know that they cannot stop flight without any proof. Adi shows Imlie’s pic and asks to stop International flights at least. Officer calls Imlie’s flight and asks air hostess if some suspicious person boarded flight. Air hostess says no. Officer says everything is fine and ignores Adi’s plea.

Kidnapper threatens Imlie to keep quiet or else his team will kill her family. Imlie remembers SK teaching her maths and praising her intelligence. She picks magazine. Kidnapper asks if she knows to read. She says no, but Seeta Maiya gave her eyes to watch. Once his attention diverts, she tears a HELP letters from magazine and and tries to leave. Kidnapper stops her and asks where is she going.

She says bathroom. He says he will accompany her. Air hostess stops him and says he can use another bathroom. He says she is his patient and will she take responsibility if something happens to her. Air hostess permits him. Imlie enters washroom sticks HELP letters on ceiling. Once she is out, kidnapper checks bathroom and takes her towards seat. Airhostess asks if she is fine. She says yes, everything is in upar wala/god’s hands and signals her. Airhostess checks bathroom and finding HELP note on ceiling calls police.

Imlie 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Magazine falls down, kidnapper seeing HELP letters missing from it threatens Imlie that her family will pay for it. Police enters and points gun at kidnapper. Imlie vents out her anger on him for trying to ruin girls’ life. Security officer informs Adi that his information was right and his wife and other girls are rescued from kidnappers.

Police bring Imlie to airport lounge and praise her bravery. Imlie asks girls not to trust anyone blindly and asks inspector to thank airhostess who helped her. He says she need not worry. Imlie sees Adi, walks to him, and cries hugging him tightly. Piya Tose Milne.. song plays in the background. Adi asks if she is fine. She says yes, but family is in danger. He nervously stammers what does she mean. In jail, Malini brings money and Anu gifts it to Rajni for getting rid off servant Imlie.

Rajni says she takes care of her friends well. Malini tells Anu that she will go home or else everyone will doubt her. She says she can return to Adi forever. At T house, goons plan to kill T family as they saw their faces. Imlie with Adi and police reaches T house. Inspector tries to break door. Imlie stops him and says goons may panic and shoot her family seeing police suddenly, so let her go in first. She enters house via window with Adi and rescues family. Police arrests goons and takes them away.

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