Imlie 20th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode begins with Imlie noticing Pranav in the kitchen. She asks him what he is doing in the kitchen. He says that he is making tea. Imlie says that everyone had tea just now. Radha comes to him and calls him. Pranav thinks that she has saved him. Imlie pours the water in the wash basin. Radha tells soneone on the phone that Rupali has forgiven Pranav. Aparna says to Radha that she has given birth to Rupali but everyone brought her up. She says she can’t measure her pain. She says after seeing her pain soo much then how did she agreed to give a chance to Pranav. Radha says that Rupali agreed to give him a chance. Malini comes thete and supports Rupali decision.

She says when a woman comes to the family she makes relations with everyone. She says when she left she remembered them more than she remembered Adithya. Pankaj saya he feels bad but they shouldn’t send her with him just like that. Imlie is hesitant to open the door when Adithya comes to her. She taunts him when he starts talking to her. He asks her not to be like this with him and it hurts him when he behaves like this with him. Imlie says even she is hurt because of his behaviour. She says that he played with her when others betrayed him. She says that Malini is not deserving of his trust and he doesn’t know what is happening between them. But Rupali shouldn’t be betrayed again. He asks her what she will do. Imlie thinks.

Pranav comes to the Pooja temple and thinks this is the right time and he should leave with the pendrive. He searches for it when Rupali comes to him and asks him what he is doing here. He says he is thanking Goddess as she forgave him. He asks her whether she trusts him. Rupali says she doesn’t know. Imlie comes there and says we trusts those whom we know. Rupali says she knows him from long. Imlie says how long we know them doesn’t matter but how better we know matters. Rupali asks how. Imlie says by taking test.

Radha asks her whether she will take test now. She says they know from long. Imlie says they are separated from long. Everyone agrees with Imlie. Imlie starts the game and asks him about her favourite ice cream. She asks them to write. They write right. She then asks him about their favourite memory. They both write it wrong. Imlie continues to ask them questions and they give answers. Imlie says that even strangers know such answers. Imlie says they shouldn’t send Rupali with him with just two points. She says he will stay with them until then. Malini supports Pranav to which Aparna agrees with Imlie. Pankaj also agrees with them. They all desperse to their rooms. Pranav stops Imlie and says to her that he will never fail even if she has her eyes on him. He thanks her and she leaves from there. Pranav thinks that making MLA wait will become a huge problem for him. The Screen Freezes.

Precap: Adithya says to soneone over the phone that he has a huge proof. Pankaj asks them whether a MLA is involved. Adithya says Adarsh Kant. Pranav gets a call.

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