Imlie 17th March 2022 Written Update:

Imlie 17th March 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Imlie is leaving on the truck at oblivious state. Aryan searches for herself and hears her bangles. He shuts his eyes and hurries to stop the truck. He goes before the truck and really takes a look at the containers. He at long last tracks down her and lifts her up. He advises her to awaken and inquires as to whether she is fine. Imlie opens her eyes some way or another.

Aryan and Meethi question her why didnt she illuminate anybody prior to leaving and how could she arrive at there and so forth Imlie reviews how Aryan saved her on schedule. She is at loss of words. Aryan makes her beverage water. She says she is fine and Aryan says muhurat will be finished so he takes her to the setting by holding her hands. Imlie says she would like to kick the bucket as opposed to wedding Aryan. He says he won’t let her kick the bucket.

Aditya advises the visitors to leave with some enhancing materials which they were seeing. He says the commitment will not occur so they can take these. Aryan says noone will leave without seeing the commitment. Imlie appears from behind and Aditya gets stunned seeing her. He become stunned. Meethi says why Aditya is taking a gander at Imlie like that.

She was recently lost and somebody could actually track down God assuming they mindfully do that. Aryan holds Imlie’s hand and leaves however at that point goes in reverse to converse with Aditya. He says Aditya’s family has organized this so Aditya ought to likewise go along with them and celebrate with them. He can atleast do that for the good of his loved ones.

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Imlie gets crippled seeing Aditya. Aryan is going to make Imlie wear the gold ring. In any case, she rejects saying she is adversely affected by gold. It gives her a consuming sensation. Meethi asks however when it began. Imlie says she didnt tell her previously. Badi Ma insults her adage Imlie never get to wear such gold gems so it won’t suit her.

Aryan then, at that point, says he made a platinum ring for Imlie and he is certain she will definitely approve of it. Imlie thinks she failed to remember he is cunning. He figures Imlie can’t stop the wedding. She thinks however she will not play out different customs. Gudiya says it appears to be Aryan won’t check out at her from now. Aryan makes Imlie wear the ring and everybody applauds. Pankaj feels Imlie isn’t content with this commitment. Aparna says its their point of view. Aditya is going to leave yet Aryan advises him to salute them. Aditya compliments Imlie and it harms him.

Precap-Aditya asks Imlie for what valid reason she didnt permit Aryan to apply shading on her. He is her better half. She gives a befitting answer that noone have some control over her life.

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