Harphoul Mohini 24th June 2022 Written Update:

Harphoul Mohini 24th June 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode starts with Vijayan requests that Harphoul’s family have snacks saying that he set it up. Harphoul’s family gets stunned hearing him. Maai eats it and commendations the taste. She advises everybody to eat. Mohini’s sisters comes there. Harphoul sees them and recollects that they just took his garments in the sanctuary. Maai gives the garments to Mohini’s sisters which she sewed for them. Mohini’s sisters apologizes to Harphoul and he grins seeing them.

Maai gets some information about Mohini. Shyamala heads inside. Rajan and Rahul runs from that point. So Harphoul follows them. Shyamala brings Mohini. Maai puts a kiss on Mohini’s brow and favors her. She gives ‘chunri’ to her. She acquaints Santho and Shalini with her. Harphoul’s companions acquaints themselves with Mohini. Maai asks that where is Harphoul.

Harphoul comes there and sees Mohini. The two of them reviews sanctuary occurrence and glares one another. Maai asks them that for what reason they are lashing out. She takes care of sweet to them. She makes them stand together and grins seeing them. Shyamala says that Mohini additionally pre-arranged sweet dish. Mohini says that she will bring it and heads inside. Harphoul lets himself know that God playing with his life. Mohini says that Harphoul is indecent and oversmart. Mohini’s sister tells her that Harphoul is great individual.

Shalini requests that Harphoul express no to this marriage before Mohini will not wed him. Tauji tells Harphoul that Mohini is dim. Harphoul approaches Maai and asks her that for what valid reason the last option tracked down a dull young lady for him. She chastens him. She says that heart ought to be unadulterated and lovely and Mohini’s heart is delightful. She adds that she is glad that she is getting an informed little girl in regulation. He tells her that Mohini won’t help her in work. She lets him know that he can do that. Mohini sees them and thinks that Harphoul grumbling about her to Maai.

After some time, Mohini serves sweet dish to everybody. Maai causes Mohini to sit adjacent to her. She asks her that their way of life is unique so in the event that the last option can change in their town. Mohini tells her that she will attempt. She glares Harphoul. She lets Maai know that she is prepared for this marriage however she has one condition which shocks everybody. Harphoul reviews that how everybody told him to not wed an informed young lady. He asks that how could a young lady do this. Maai asks Mohini that what is the last option’s condition. Mohini tells her that she discovered that there is no latrine in their town. So she needs a restroom inside the house. Maai requests that she show the restroom. Mohini takes her to restroom. Maai gets shocked seeing the offices.

Harphoul’s family attempts to leave. Saroj stops them and requests that they hang tight for Maai. Maai comes there and says that she is fine with Mohini’s condition. Harphoul tells her that he will not wed Mohini and takes her from that point. Saroj requests that Harphoul fabricate a washroom. Santho lets Maai know that they ought to get back to Haryana. Harphoul says that he will not wed Mohini. Mohini lets Shyamala know that she can’t change in restroom matter.

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