Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 29th April 2022 written update:

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 29th April 2022 written update on serialtalk.com

Rajjo shows up at police headquarters wear examiner uniform, and welcomes chautwal. Chautwal requests that Happu welcome her, Ramesh and Happu welcomes her. He orders to get tea for her. Manohar says we are dealing with Shakal case. Happu says I have a thought. Manohar chuckles, however Rajjo chastens him. Manohar requests that Chautwal let Rajjo return home. Chautwal plays with Rajjo

In market, Kat calls Kamlesh, that this is just time left. Kat requests that he converse with me. Kamlesh denies. She offers him carrot hawla, however Kamlesh denies. Kat cries, you are changing unexpectedly early. Malika holds Kamlesh. Kamlesh says we are not companions any longer. Malika asks to re-companionship with Kat. Kamlesh denies expressing I will not keep companionship with little individuals. Kat cries and Malika slaps him.

Rajjo illuminates Benny and Vimlesh that Chautwal isn’t great man, he is so modest, yet I stay very because of Happu. Benny concurs. Happu asks do I want to cook anything. Rajjo orders him to sit with her. She says sorry. Vimlesh gives thought to kidnapp chautwal family, requesting that he advance happu once more. Happu chastens him. Benny gets a thought, and illuminates plan.

Following day Chautwal and Rajji are having juice in café. Chautwal plays with her. Rajjo says about Happu post. Chautwal affronts happu. Vimlesh shows up from Nari Shakti NGO expressing that they got grumbling against Chautwal for eve bother. He denies requesting to affirm from Rajjo. Rajjo says he does as such, and he is large man, I can’t grumbling against him. Chautwal gets stunned. Vimlesh requests that she tell everything. Rajjo says I will beat him, in the event that he inconveniences me., But make a move against him. Chautwal requests that Rajjo talk briefly expressing her to take protest back, as my significant other will kill me. Rajjo says I keep conditions:-
1) give happu and rameshpal post back
2) leave this spot
Chautwal concurs. Rajjo asks vimlesh as NGO woman, to give time till evening. Chautwal takes off. Rajjo and Vimlesh embrace one another.

Kat and Malika disucss that Kamlesh isn’t such prior. Kamlesh come expressing I am grieved, for upsetting you, as she is my main companion. He gets his dad call, who illuminate that huge finance manager deceived us. Malika says you got example at long last. Kat asks let it be. Kamlesh requests pardoning. Malaika requests to do situps.

Ranveer, Chamchi and Ritik talk about that at long last we learnt 2 things:
1) father again becoming overseer
2) we got to realize that who is our dear companion.
Maisha comes to meet Ritik, who expresses that Lallu isn’t of our group. Ritik says sorry, as I not have any desire to keep kinship with you, and requests that she go.

At police headquarters, Rameshpal, Happu and Manohar examine about Shakal. Rajjo and Amma calls Happu, who gets some information about vegetable. Rajjo expresses out loud whatever will you have in desserts? Happu cuts call.

Precap:- RameshPal requests that Happu and Manohar get gold summgglers to get advancement as ACP and Inspector. Vimlesh and Rajjo see their video taking gold, and defy their companion for unlawful work, their companion extorts them to work for her, stunning them.

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