Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 13th April 2022 written update:

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 13th April 2022 written update:

During candle light supper, Happu acclaims Rajjo, she requests to fill house with proportion. Happu says we will get it done, however remain heartfelt. He says Rajjo is chosen as best spouse by vote. Rajjo says you are government worker, get adhar card made of ritik, ranveer and chamchi.

Happu attempts to get heartfelt, yet Rajjo says I need my youngsters report full. Benny-Vimlesh talk heartfelt however Benny takes Ushma heartfelt second, Vimlesh blows up hearing name Ushma. Benny says you are taking jagrati incorrect way, vimlesh again lash out and states any longer young lady name.

Manohar and Kamlesh meet. Manohar requests that Kamlesh watch out for couples. They talk about couples in code name utilizing kabootar. Manohar orders Kamlesh to observe couples in garden who get heartfelt.

Later benny and Happu have beverages and arrives at resolution that their spouses lost sentiment. Rajjo and Vimlesh hears their discussion.

Kat attempts to place string in needle however doesn’t get succeed. Kamlesh comes and gets it done. Malaika gets intrigued. Kamlesh lets kat know that he want assistance in getting couples in park for aiding manohar. Kat prepare. Kamlesh says we will get rs. 500 for it.

Nargis and Katori Amma discusses khodi, castigate about their mom parents in law. Rajjo serves them tea. The two of them acclaims Rajjo. Rajjo demand Nargis to have food and go later.

In kitchen Rajjo and Vimlesh talk about that their sentiment is lost. Rajjo says I am 9 kids mother, and presently just recall food and obligation. Vimlesh says we are losing our gf sweetheart side. Rajjo and Vimlesh says we will make our wive rest and prepare gf mode. The two of them sing.

Precap:- Kat and Kamlesh observe Benny, Happu romancing with Rajjo and Benny. Manohar capture them. Rajjo and Vimlesh deny being their spouses.

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