Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein Written Update 26th October 2022:

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein Written Update 26th October 2022 on

Episode begins with Savi coming to the honor function alongside Sai and Usha, while Vinayak gets happy after seeing her in police uniform and acclaims her look. In the mean time, Pakhi and Virat likewise grins seeing her aside from Bhavani who gets maddened by Savi and Sai’s presence.

Savi states that she needs to be a cop when she will grow up, while Vinayak ask her that where she is sitting? She shows her seat while he demands her to sit alongside him and request that Bhavani shift to the secondary lounge.

Here, Bhavani gets incensed however returns to satisfy Vinayak’s solicitation. She declares that Savi has controlled their grandson while Shivani ask her not to get envious of the youngster. Omkar shows his help towards Bhavani and gets similarly chafed by Savi’s association in their home.

Savi sits next to Virat while the legislators begins giving discourse about the occasion. He tells that Sai and Virat alongside Savi and Vinayak has assisted the police with finding the perilous youngster dealing pack. They calls upon the stage DIG sir and some more senior cops to remunerate the visitors.

Virat gets cheerful seeing his seniors while every one of the crowds applauds. The host calls Virat, Sai, Savi and Vinayak on the stage while everybody gets happy after seeing them. The host values Virat for his boldness to get the hooligans and saving a few childs from the youngster dealing pack.

Bhavani gets happy in the wake of hearing Virat’s gestures of recognition and applauds him alongside the entire Chavans family. The cops makes Virat, Sai and Vinayak wear the decorations and afterward goes towards Savi however the last option stops him. Everybody gets befuddled hearing her request while she turns towards Virat and request that he make her wear it. She shows her deference towards him, while he joyfully puts the decoration on her neck.

Ahead, Savi begins educating Virat and others regarding her fantasy to turn into a cop. She says that this is her most memorable honor and she will get numerous boldness grants in future too. She broadcasts to turn into the most legitimate cop while Virat values her considerations. She likewise tells about her dad being a cop and she expresses that she needs to follow his strides.

Savi tells that her dad was one of the most incredible cop and have a few decorations. She then, at that point, gets miserable and inform that she haven’t at any point seen her dad and got some information about him however she never told her. She announces that she even used to compose messages for her dad to return back however he won’t ever come. In the interim, Virat feels miserable for her. She then demands him to turn into her dad.

Further, Chavans and different visitors gets stunned hearing Savi’s solicitation. She argues Virat to acknowledge her as his kid, while Vinayak gets happy and grins. Bhavani gets incensed and blames Sai behind it. In the mean time, Sai stops Savi while the correspondents begins addressing them yet Sai stops them and disappears from that point alongside Savi and Usha. She chastens her little girl while the last option begins crying.

They gets inside the autorickshaw while Sai gets angry and attempts to quiet herself, she then, at that point, escapes the autorickshaw and request that Usha return Savi to their home, while the last option continues to request that Sai show up with th yet she overlooks.

Precap:- Virat reviews his second with Savi where she got some information about her dad. He gets into unrest and questions himself that why Sai hasn’t informed Savi concerning his dad. He expresses that Sai generally maintains that things should be her direction and declares that she thinks he is off-base in light of the fact that once in past he didn’t consented to her and remained with his family rather than her. He gets blazes of when Sai went out with Vinayak. In the mean time, Virat will decide to help Savi and announces to track down her dad.

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