Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein Written Update 24th September 2022:

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein Written Update 24th September 2022 on

Episode begins with Sai taking care of Savi and contemplates every one of the happenings. She gets strained and attempts to make Savi rest. Around then she figures out that the last option is experiencing high fever. She becomes concerned and begins treating her little girl. While, Vinayak misses Savi and ponders his blissful times in Kankauli.

He chooses to call the last option and dials her number, however Sai doesn’t accepts his call and disregards it. She gets weepy eyes seeing her little girl’s state and attempts to down her fever. While, Vinayak goes down steps and sees his grandparents sitting together.

Ashwini alongside Ninad, Sonali and Bhavani cares for Vinayak and spoils him. They showers love to him while he continue to miss Savi. He goes towards the photograph display and sees the photos of his loved ones. He sees his telephone and notification his photograph with Savi and Sai. He takes a choice to print it and post in their display.

Vinayak goes towards his folks room and sees them contending with each other. Virat tells Pakhi that Sai is his past and she is her present and future. He guarantees her that he won’t ever leave her and declares that Sai is dead for him. Pakhi gets stunned and keeps quiet hearing Virat’s words while Vinayak goes towards Harini’s room.

Harini continues to watch her PC while Vinayak ask her for an assistance. That’s what he questions on the off chance that she can assist him with printing a photo? To which she joyfully concurs and lets him know the methodology. He takes her PC and accomplishes practically everything on his won and prints out his photo with Savi and Sai.

Vinayak then puts the photo on the casing and drapes it in the exhibition without allowing anybody to see it. While, Harini comes to the dinning table and Bhavani begins reproving her. The two of them gets into a contention and the last option was going to leave the table, when Virat comes there and Assuages Harini.

Ahead, Harini consents to Virat’s solicitation while Mohit insults Karishma and inquire as to whether she will go along with them or not? She overlooks him while, Harini sees Sai’s photograph and gets stunned. She advise it to everybody while Chavans gets dumbstruck. Virat ends up being enraged and Pakhi takes Vinayak inside his room.

Virat breaks the photograph outline and advise that Sai is alive and Savi is her girl. Bhavani denies to trust it while Ashwini breakdown. Virat attacks Sai, while Omkar chides Mohit for concealing reality. Virat tells that Sai is living joyfully in Kankauli and she has previously continued on in her life.

Further, Pakhi attempts to cause Chavans to comprehend and stands firm for Sai. She announces that the last option helped Virat and Vinayak and furthermore treated them. Though, Bhavani denounces Sai and Virat announces that she is dead to them.

Though, Ashwini sympathizes with her aggravation with Bhavani and Sonali. She announces that she can never pardon Sai, while Jagtap goes inside Savi’s room and awakens him. He attempts to change her state of mind as she was experiencing fever. Sai attempts to dissent and request that he avoid Savi, yet the last option overlooks her.

Precap:- Sai gives rose to Savi expressing that the last option loves it, while Savi gets cheerful and embraces her mom. She then, at that point, gives it to Vinayak expressing that he is her closest companion, while he additionally gets cheerful and says thanks to her. He then, at that point, gives it to Virat and inquire as to whether he would give it to Pakhi as it is her birthday? To which Virat gets confounded, while around then Pakhi comes there and sees the rose in his grasp. Vinayak takes cover behind the seat and grins seeing his folks.

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