Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 16th March 2022 Written Update:

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 16th March 2022 Written Update: Episode begins with Bhavani becoming incensed at Sai and hauls her away holding her wrist. Sai request that Bhavani quit expressing that her bangles are breaking, which are the indication of a wedded ladies. Bhavani leaves her hand while Sai declares that they can’t strongly break her and Virat’s relationship. Bhavani chastens her while Sai demands to play out the custom of Holika Dahan alongside them. Bhavani some way or another consents to it while Virat disregards the dramatization. Sai goes towards him and stands alongside him. While, Sonali request that Karishma bring the jaggery and every one of the essential things for the Puja. They begins the capacity and moves round around the chimney.

Here, Sai decides to get Virat’s excused and appeals to god to eliminate every one of the distinctions in the middle of them. Though, Virat looks aloof. Around then Karishma quietly keeps the red shading plate on the entry of the entryway, which is utilized to welcome recently lady. Though, Virat demands to go inside in the wake of finishing the Puja, while Ashwini grants him.

Sai was going to follow Virat, when Bhavani stops her. She moves recklessly determined twisted to send Sai away, yet last option continues to contend with Bhavani. Around then Pulkit stands firm for Sai and attempts to persuade his mother by marriage, however last option denies and says that she haven’t acknowledged him after his marriage with Devyani and states that she will not acknowledge Sai back.

Somewhere else, Devyani prevents Pulkit from supporting Sai, while last option stands up to her inquiring as to whether she likewise has little to no faith in her? Omkar meddles in the middle and cautions Sai to take off from that point house. He undermines her, while she gives no consideration to his danger. Ninad request that he stop while last option says that he is simply attempting to frighten Sai.

Sai snickers hearing Omkar’s discussion and announces that she will not go anyplace leaving her better half. Sonali reminds Sai about her claims on Virat and states that she doesn’t merit being with him. Sai says that on the off chance that they can get the pardoning, she additionally can get it. She remains against them and denies to return.

Ahead, Omkar calls the police grumbling about Sai while she stands their hanging tight for the police group to show up. Omkar gets confounded seeing her not becoming stressed and chooses to show her something new. Around then the police shows up and overseer gets happy to see Sai. He get some information about Virat while Chavans gets stunned seeing her association with the police.

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Sai request that the police tell her parents in law about the discipline which they will get of they attempts to irritate her. The examiner tells about the wrongdoings they will be charged for, in the event that Sai will gripe against them. Omkar gets frightened and Karishma lets Sonali know that on the off chance that it proceeds, they will wind up in prison. Sonali gets strained, while Sai shows her appreciation towards the investigator and gives her prasad prior to leaving.

Further, Sonali becomes assuage when the police disappears. Chavans again insults Sai while she disregards them and takes her baggage to go inside the house. Her legs gets inside the plate and she leaves the impressions on the doorstep as she strolls inside. Mansi advises it to be a sign from God, while Bhavani admonishes the individual who have putted the plate on the entry. Karishma acknowledges her slip-up and look for expression of remorse. While, Sai accumulate her mental fortitude and decides to get Virat’s pardoning.

Precap:- Virat gets stunned seeing Sai inside his room, while she messes with him. He cautions that he will leave the room assuming she will remain there, while she request that he unwind. He harms himself as he attempts to disappear, while she chides him and announces that she will not at any point leave him. He request that she stop the dramatization and proclaims that she will not at any point get effective in turning into his significant other.

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