Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 15th November 2022 Written Update:

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 15th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Savi playing find the stowaway with Virat and Vinayak while Sai goes into inside the Chavans house furtively stowing away from the watchmen. She goes straight towards her girl, while Savi gets thrilled after seeing her mom. She runs towards Sai and embraces her being close to home, while Virat and Vinayak likewise comes there and the last option gets stunned after seeing Sai.

Around then Chavans likewise comes there and becomes paralyzed after seeing her. Though, Sai and Savi cries subsequent to rejoining and the last option questions her mom that why she left her and grumbles that she was feeling the loss of her.

Sai likewise cries and apologizes for her misstep. She guarantees that she won’t ever leave Savi henceforth, while Virat was going to come towards them however Sai shows her finger towards him and cautions not to draw any nearer. She denies Virat to upset her and Savi’s second and scowls at him for grabbing her little girl away from her.

Ashwini stresses that imagine a scenario in which Sai comes clean to Savi and impels her against Virat. However, the last option conceals the truth from her little girl and tells that she stalled in the middle of between a few terrible people groups. She then, at that point, guarantees Savi that they won’t avoid each other any longer. While, the police staffs likewise comes there and salute Virat. They apologizes to Virat for allowing Sai to leave while he scowls at them.

Sai takes a gander at the police and afterward gets up alongside her girl. Pakhi comes towards Virat and lets him know that he gave every one of the extravagances to Savi however the last option can’t have the option to avoid her mom. She expresses that a mother’s security is more grounded then anything and declares that he can’t have the option to isolate her from Sai.

Ashwini additionally causes Virat to comprehend and expresses that she likewise believes Savi should remain with them yet they can’t compel the last option. She announces that Virat need to let Savi go on the off chance that he cherishes her genuinely, she will most likely get once again to him. In the mean time, Bhavani gets angry at Sai and declares it to be her arrangement. She denies to acknowledge that Savi is her genuine little girl, to which Sonali likewise induces the last option against Sai.

Ahead, Sonali cautions Bhavani that what of Sai and Savi attempts to come inside their home while the last option denies to allow them to satisfy their arrangement. While, Sai removes Savi from Chavans house and goes inside their home. Savi continues to embrace Sai and states that she won’t leave her. Usha grins seeing their bond and feeds them food. Though, Savi continues to inform them regarding how Virat kept and continues to applaud the last option alongside Vinayak.

Sai pays attention to her being quiet while Usha grins finding out about Virat’s consideration towards Savi. Though, the last option gets unsettled and continues onward through Savi’s stuffs. He contacts her toys and tent. He becomes close to home while Ninad comes there and attempts to support the last option. Virat questions that the kid just necessities a mother and not her dad? To which Ninad makes sense of him the significance of a mother in a youngster’s life.

Further, Virat gets anxious and states that he won’t allow Sai to remove Savi from him. He decides to bring the last option back and disappears from that point, while Pakhi gets sorrowful eyes hearing his discussion. Though, Savi demands Sai to sing a bedtime song like Virat and the last option communicates her adoration towards Savi. In the mean time, Bhavani announces all that to be Sai’s arrangement while Sonali inquire as to whether Virat and Sai begins raising Savi together? She expresses that Virat can send Sai to imprison for Savi, then, at that point, he can successfully keep the last option alongside him.

Precap:- Virat thumps on Sai’s entryway while the last option denies to allow him to come inside her home. He powerfully gets inside while she expresses that Savi is her girl and he can’t remove her. He declares that he will come clean to Savi about him being her dad and reminds how the last option was looking for her dad overall around the spots. He goes inside Savi’s room while Sai attempts to stop him yet he locks the entryway. Savi sees him being confounded while Sai separates communicating her adoration towards Savi.

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