Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 10th December 2021 Written Story:

Scene begins with Sai seeing a bad dream about Virat’s demise and gets frightened. She awakens being apprehensive and begins shouting. She cries recollecting her fantasy and feels anxious, while Ashwini comes there and attempts to support her. She causes her to comprehend that all is great and nothing will happen to Virat, however Sai behaves like a crazy. She stresses over Virat’s life and says that she is feeling something negative. While, Virat goes inside the wilderness and different fear based oppressors tell Shruti that Virat is the person who killed Sadanand. They focuses firearm at him, however she makes them drop it.

Here, Shruti faces Virat and faces him for killing his better half. She focuses her weapon towards him and says that she will kill him for delivering her retribution for killing her significant other. He attempts to clarify her and says that he never needed to kill Sadanand. He tells her that they were school companions and expresses that he will recount the remainder of the story just to her.

Shruti denies to trust him, while different psychological militants additionally ask her not to believe him as he is attempting to control her. She questions him about the dead assemblage of Sadashiv and cries recalling that specialists will cut it for after death. In the mean time, he recalls the demise of Sadashiv and feels regretful.

Somewhere else, DIG sir ask the cop to send Sadanand’s body for after death. He inquiries regarding Virat as he doesn’t return back, while the cop tells that he didn’t returned and heads off to some place as he was feeling remorseful for his companion’s passing. Burrow sir says that he comprehends Virat’s condition and stresses over his security.

Sai behaves like insane and says that she is truly stressed for Virat. In the interim, Ashwini attempts to quiet her and request that she rest on her lap. She says that she is consistently there for her, while Sai petitions God for Virat’s wellbeing from God. Sai dozes on Ashwini’s lap yet out of nowhere awakens as she continues to recall her bad dream. She freezes seeing Virat’s demise and becomes strained.

Ahead, Virat persuades Shruti to pay attention to him. She sends different fear mongers away, while Virat says that he was Sadanand’s companion and they generally contemplated helping other people, yet never imagined that he will head to misguided course to satisfy his desire. Shruti denies to trust him, while he says that Sadanand’s asked him care for Shruti and their youngster Sahas. She ask him that how he got to find out with regards to the name of their kid, to which he answers that Sadanand told him.

Shruti focuses weapon at him however doesn’t shoot him. She says that she can satisfy her retribution by killing him however she can’t do treachery to her unborn kid. Virat demands her to trust him and request that she let him help her. She says that she don’t confide in him, while he attempts to make her comprehend. He ask her accompany her and don’t tell others about it as they might can misconstrued them, while she concurs and releases him.

Further, Sai petitions God for Virat’s wellbeing before God’s golden calf and cries. In the interim, Bhavani comes there and ask her not to cry as cops have their obligations to follow. Sai answers that her tears doesn’t make Virat frail, it simply show’s her consideration towards him. While, Ashwini hears their discussion and gets glad reasoning that Sai have acknowledged Virat as her better half and sits tight for his return so that both can rejoin.

Precap:- Sai gets stunned hearing that Virat is missing. In the mean time, she holds his shirt and sits tight for his return so she can ask him that assuming he adores her? Though, Virat takes Shruti to an inn and book a room saying that she is his better half, while she takes a gander at him.

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