Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 14th December 2021 Written Story:

Virat asks Shruti not to indiscriminately trust anybody in lodging. Shruti says she trusted and went with him here. He expresses gratitude toward her and says he will bring her sacks from his vehicle. She is sorry for disturbing him. However, he says she is upsetting him with her inquiries.

Samrat attempts to call Virat’s telephone number. Pakhi inquires as to whether the circumstance is truly genuine. He inquires as to whether she understood it now, she was reprimanding and attempting to disprove him. She keeps scrutinizing Sai and rehashes that even later Virat’s admonition, she called DIG straightforwardly last time and halted his exchange enraging him. He says she is as yet censuring Sai.

She says they way Sai and Virat drew nearer, Virat will call Sai straightforwardly dislike her better half who passed on her to make new connections and returned following 1 year. He asks does she need him to rehash the explanation for it. She says last time Virat and Sai tracked down him and brought him back home, consider the possibility that he doesn’t return sometime later.

Sai keeps stressing for Virat and rests on sofa. Ashwini feels tragic seeing her condition. Sai faculties Virat entering and checks out entryway. Virat enters. Sai joyfully runs and embraces him. Ashwini joyfully implores god to secure her kids’ satisfaction, thinks she realized Sai would invite Virat with broadened hands, and supplicates god to keep them together everlastingly as a couple. Sai inquires as to why he didn’t call her.

Bhavani gets glad seeing him and favors him. She then, at that point, lets Sai know that her better half returned and she should feel cheerful. Other relatives join. Samrat embraces Virat and inquires as to whether his main goal was effective. Virat says OK and thinks his main goal was effective, yet he fizzled in his fellowship, recalling shooting Sada. Sai sees mauli/defensive string in his grasp missing and questions him. He shows mauli and says her mauli saved his life, recollecting the occurrence. Sai thanks god for sending Virat home safe.

Devi asks Virat to never disappear from Sai and says she committed an error of breaking Sai’s mangalsutra unintentionally. Sai says let us fail to remember whatever occurred and be glad. Ashwini says Sai is hopping with joy, however was extremely miserable in his nonappearance and kept multi day quick for him. Mohit strolls in straightaway and says he will bring Virat’s packs from his vehicle. Virats his packs are still with his group as they came to right on time and he needed to remain back for some work. Sai says she knows why he is late.

Virat gets strained reasoning on the off chance that she looked into Shruti. Sai says she had called DIG sir who informed that entire group came and he is missing, so she was strained. Samrat says even they all were concerned. Virat says its bad to over and again call and upset his seniors and group. She says sorry,

she was concerned for him. He says his telephone battery is dead and he really wants to charge it as he might be getting calls. She detects his quandary and inquires as to whether he is fine, why he looks so quiet. He says she is a cop’s girl and presently his significant other, she realizes the dangers implied in his home, so she shouldn’t call his seniors or group and inconvenience them. Sai asks how might she see whether he is fine. He says she should hang tight for his call.

Pakhi condemns Sai again and says Sai upset Virat’s group and even them by giving them half data. Ashwini lets Virat know that he ought to have seen Sai’s condition, she was in truly stressed for him. Samrat asks Virat when DIG considers Sai as his little girl, for what reason can’t Sai call him. Virat says she can, yet not during mission; even he wouldn’t pick her call during mission. Ashwini says he can’t say that.

Sai says let it go. Bhavani reprimands Ashwini for supporting Sai rather than her child and afterward Samrat for supporting Sai rather than his sibling and says they ought to be stressed for Virat as he should have a gone through a ton during mission. Omkar says they are glad for him. Pulkit inquires as to why he looks so dull even later mission’s prosperity. Samrat asks what occurred. Sai says modak is worn out and will be ordinary later he rests a little. Virat gestures yes.

Virat strolls into his room. Sai says its astounding that when she got back to his room with her sacks, he left for mission and she was stunned. He says he saw it all over. She says she missed him as he requested her and inquires as to whether he missed her. He says he missed her a ton. She energetically inquires as to whether he had her pre-arranged singed modak. Seh says they were delicious. She is sorry for calling his police headquarters to ask about him and says she is acclimated to call Aaba during comparative circumstance, yet failed to remember that was Gadchiroli and this is Nagpur.

He says there is no compelling reason to stress. She says she was and asks him not to trouble a lot and rest. He thinks he is cheerful seeing her anxiety for him, yet he can’t share is issues with her and subsequently its better in the event that she avoids his work and issues. She inquires as to whether they are still closest companions as when bestfriends meet later quite a while, they will have a ton to examine, is he concealing something from her. He gets apprehensive. She sees sindhoor on his shirt and questions him. He gets more strained.

Precap :Shruti calls Virat repeatedly.Sai sees it and illuminates Virat. Virat speedily surges out to call her. Sai asks who is Shruti and for what valid reason is she calling him over and over around evening time.

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