Ghar Ek Mandir 8th February 2022 Written Update:

Mahajan says you will battle against me and snickers at Vedant, Anuradha strolls to Genda and says have you chosen to destroy my entire family, this current man’s sibling shot you, Varun says you are believing Siddhant’s sibling, he is nothing but bad, even he will double-cross like Siddhant.

Genda says excessive, Manish is your sibling, but rather he crossed his line and you can never under any circumstance do that as its excessive Vedant is like Siddhant, trust me Varun support me I am with truth. Varun says my family os truth for myself and I will uphold them. Vedant shares with Genda, no utilization conversing with them and its contrary to my standards to engage adversaries gives up. Genda tells Sandy I am with you don’t be frightened gives up.

Vedant sees Genda upset, and strolls to her says don’t cry, this time isn’t to free expectation yet remain solid, you can when you use cerebrums and not heart, Genda says I need equity and my feelings are my solidarity not shortcoming so hush up about your recommendation, Vedant says anyway you need however most significant thing is to observe proof against Manish, gives up.

Mahajan tells Kundan, you can’t handle your little girl in regulation, how might you battle case, your senior child is in 7 days remand and Varun’s better half is against him, how might things go now, 7 days is excessively long and police hasn’t contacted Manish at this point since he is my client however presently Vedant has come in picture, so I don’t have the foggiest idea how police will treat him, presently we need to manage Vedant first all of you leave I will make due. Nisha considers meeting Manish.

Manish crying in prison, he is given food Manish extremely frightened. Manish doesn’t eat food, Nisha calls him and strolls to him, Manish says Nisha I did nothing if it’s not too much trouble, remove me from here, they can do anything with me in 7 days, I have sat idle,

Ghar Ek Mandir 7th February 2022 Written Update:

Nisha says I am attempting best however Genda isn’t paying attention to anybody. Manish says you trust me right, Nisha says I do, and I realize you can never do this, Nisha is approached to leave. Manish is removed, Manish says Nisha assist me, they with willing hit me hard, Nisha attempts to stop, and says Manish don’t stress I will battle for you

Sandy in her room frightened, she envisions Manish stroll in her room, Manish gets out whatever did you figure I won’t ever come out, however look I am here, Nisha got me here and I won’t avoid you and Genda and starts hauling her with regards to room and pushes Sandy. Its not Manish but rather Varun, Sandy believes its Varun and continues to say don’t contact me Manish

Nisha shares with Manish, trust me I will remove you from here, I will destroy her life, nothing will happen to you.

Everybody sees Sandy frightened and saying Manish stay off, Genda strolls to her, Sandy says look Manish is contacting me help, Genda says quiet down its Varun, Sandy says let him know scribble to contact me and embraces Genda. Genda says don’t be terrified and tells Genda see her state, and still you think she is lying.

Varun says I don’t confide in her falsehoods, however she needs to take off from this house. Kundan says Mahajan said not to stand by listening to Genda, simply toss Sandy out. Nisha strolls in and says Papaji is righy toss her out of this house.

Nisha says I met Manish and he is in genuinely awful state, Varun bhaiya, Sandy doesn’t have the right to remain here, toss her out. Varun pulls Sandy. Genda says enough, I have share in this house. Varun stops. Genda says this house is mine by regulation, Papa gave it and I similarly have here thus she can remain and you can’t request that she leave, so if it’s not too much trouble, stop this.

Varun shares with Genda, so presently you will bring regulations, Genda says I need to, and embraces Sandy says lets go.Genda takes Sandy to her room. Sandy says Genda I am frightened here, Genda says Sandy you don’t should be terrified, I was off-base to let you be, I will not repeat the experience, thus you will remain with me in my room.

Sandy says I was so awful with you however you actually are battling for me against your better half and family, kindly excuse me, I don’t merit absolution yet I don’t have any idea how to reimburse you. Genda expresses out loud whatever happened fail to remember it however as a ladies what befallen you was off-base as it’s my obligation to help you and you need to go through a ton when you are correct and we can’t be week, or probably we will lose, don’t cry have some water.
Genda requests that Sandy rest for at some point.

Genda sees Nisha sneaking some place, Genda gets dubious.

Precap :Nisha in inn, Genda sees her and illuminates Vedant that Nisha is searching for waste which has proof, Vedant says he will come find with her. Nisha hears Genda converse with Vedant.

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