Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th April 2022 Written Update:

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th April 2022 Written Update on : The episode begins with Agastya requesting that Pakhi awaken. Pakhi awakens and asks how she’s it wasn’t gone after to drain when she. Agastya says that it’s paint and somebody tricked them by firing her with paint weapon. Agastya tracks down an undermining note and understands it. It’s composed that Pakhi will be truly shot on the off chance that he doesn’t admit his violations to the police in the following 48 hours. Agastya tosses the note smashing. He admonishes his guardians. He then embraces Pakhi guaranteeing her nothing can happen to her. Pakhi feels that Agastya has just 48 hours to carry on with his life.

Agastya tells Pakhi that he would rather not lose her and inquires as to whether she isn’t do any harm. Pakhi guarantees him that she’s fine and says that she got frightened seeing the firearm and fell in the ground. Agastya says that Pakhi’s what is most important on the planet. He faults himself. He embraces Pakhi guaranteeing to safeguard her. Pakhi thinks as a main priority that this isn’t love, yet frenzy and that she can’t endure it more. Agastya comes to Dadi. He puts his head on her lap and says that he was terrified on seeing Pakhi getting gone after and he can’t failed to remember that episode. That’s what he says assuming the firearm was truly, his thought process to live would have finished.

Dadi says that he probably got know the aggravation of seeing the friends and family in torment. She says that main Agastya knows what he had done and requests that he admit the wrongdoing that the blackmailer was discussing to save Pakhi. She further says that Pakhi will regard him more after his admission. She might blow up first and foremost, yet his adoration will liquefy it. Agastya denies. That’s what he says assuming he comes clean with Pakhi, she will despise him for deep rooted. Agastya ponders who is doing this and says that Sameer, Maya, Virat and Ishan aren’t doing this. He says that he will track down the guilty party at any expense.

Ishan meet Virat in the prison. Virat tells Ishan to rescue him some way or another. He further says that Agastya won’t allow him to emerge from the prison as he realizes that he won’t leave him. Agastya shows up at the prison to meet singh. He tells Yug in call to be ready and safeguard Pakhi. Here Ishan shares with Virat that they’re attempting to get him out as quickly as time permits, they have frightened Agastya and he can’t conceal reality for long-lasting. Ishan disappears.

Other hand Pakhi sees the CCTV cameras in the passage and considers doing anything cautiously as Agastya fixed cameras wherever in the house. Here Ishan and Agastya crash into each. Agastya twists down to pick his telephone. Ishan says sorry. He gets stunned understanding that it’s Agastya. Ishan leaves from that point. Agastya feels thar he saw Ishan and considers how it tends to be within the realm of possibilities. Agastya requests that he stop. Ishan runs from that point. Agastya pursues Ishan. Agastya feels that it very well may be Ishan that is the reason he took off. There Pakhi telephones Mohit and demands him to hack the cameras in any case. Here Ishan runs into a processing plant and conceals himself. Agastya shows up there searching for Ishan. He telephones Yug and says to fix the security at home and afterward requests to come to Ishan’s home soon. Agastya locks the principle entryway and leaves. Ishan attempts to open the entryway to no end. He telephones Pakhi and makes sense of him the circumstance. Pakhi gets stunned.

Pakhi demands Dadi that to allow her to go to the sanctuary as she’s inclination anxious with what’s going on at home. Dadi concurs, yet says that she ought to take the protectors with her. Pakhi concurs. Pakhi imagines that Agastya should go to Ishan’s home. Agastya is shown driving the vehicle. Pakhi arrives at the sanctuary. She says to the gaurds to remain outside, yet they decline. Pakhi says that she needs a few harmony inside the sanctuary and orders them to remain here. She goes in.

Agastya is en route to Ishan’s home. That’s what he says assuming he was truly Ishan, he did a serious mix-up by leaving alive and chooses to redress it by killing him this time. An individual in protective cap follows Agastya in bicycle. Heputs nails in front Agastya’s vehicle when he is watching in the sign. Agastya’s vehicle gets penetrated. Agastya telephones Yug and calls him for help. A similar individual in head protector comes to put where Ishan is and eliminates the cap. The cap individual is Pakhi. A FB shows Mohit giving the garments and cap to Pakhi in the sanctuary. Pakhi gives her ring to Mohit and expresses him to remain in the sanctuary as Agastya can follow her area.

Ishan asks Pakhi what has been going on with Agastya. Pakhi says that she penetrated his tire. She inquires as to whether Ishan is certain that Agastya saw him. Ishan says that else he could never have discussed going to his home. They leave from that point. Agastya arrives at Ishan’s home. Shubham opens the entryway for himself and inquires as to whether he has any significant work. Agastya doesn’t respond to him and goes to Ishan’s room. He gets stunned on seeing Ishan there. Pakhi watches this stowing away.

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