Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th May 2022 Written Update:

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Bulbul requesting that Meera give her one crore to take care of her responsibilities. Meera says that he won’t give a penny in excess of 20 lakhs. Bulbul says that she needs to follow through on a star cost to work with a star. She asks 2 crore. Yug asks Meera what she’s doing, how Bulbul can help them. Meera consents to give Bulbul 2 crore. Bulbul says that Meera isn’t miserly.

Yug asks Meera for what reason she consented to give Bulbul 2 crores. Meera says that she is prepared to burn through 2 crores to acquire 5000 crores. She says that Agastya made all his property on Pakhi’s name and her body isn’t tracked down even after a half year. She says that she was unable to get his property regardless of getting his authority. She expresses that there are just two answers for get the properties, one is to establish Pakhi’s dead body another is Pakhi is alive and make the properties on her name. Meera says that they will tell Pakhi is alive and afterward fourches Pakhi’s sign and gets the properties. Yug asks how they can believe Bulbul as they don’t have a clue about her experience. He says that he can think that it is out assuming she needs.

Bulbul’s mother asks Bulbul for what valid reason she consented to that lady’s arrangement who holded her neck. Bulbul says that Meera needs her, so she can’t hurt her. It’s simply an issue of three days and they need to treat grandmother. Her mother inquires as to whether she will not pay attention to her mother. Bulbul says that she told to not allow foul play to occur, Meera is fouling up with Agastya, so she needs to remain here to give him equity. Yug separates a call and says that individuals from mental medical clinic are coming to take Agastya.

The wardboys hold Agastya to take him. Dadi begs Meera to leave Agastya. All at once Bulbul shows up there. She goes into the house moving while all look on. Agastya gets cheerful on seeing her. Agastya shares with Bulbul that he neither cry nor get frightened. Bulbul says that Agastya is a decent kid. Bulbul inquires as to whether they won’t invite her. She expresses Meera to place her stuffs in her room. She further says that she will remain in this house like its proprietor in the proprietor’s room. She says to the wardboys to leave Agastya. As they don’t pay attention to her, Bulbul shares with Meera to tell the wardboys to submit to her else she can adjust her perspective and won’t help them. Bulbul prepares to leave. Meera stops Bulbul. She says to the wardboys to leave Agastya’s hands and leave. The wardboys leave. Agastya goes to Bulbul abd says that they will be closest companions for eternity. Meera yells Agastya. Bulbul tosses her sack to Meera and inquires as to why she didn’t place her pack in her room yet. She tells Meera to pick up the pace. Dadi inquires as to why Bulbul will remain here. Meera says that nobody will scrutinize her, she concluded that Bulbul will remain here. She leaves with Yug

Meera tosses the pack on the bed. Yug says that Bulbul ruined their arrangement by preventing Agastya from going to the medical clinic. He says that she was inappropriate to pay attention to Bulbul. Meera says that they have no alternate way than endure her for three days for the properties. Bulbul tells Dadi that she doesn’t actually have the foggiest idea what she’s remaining doing here. She needs to remain here for three days and she gets parcel of cash for that. Dadi says that Meera is exceptionally risky and expresses her to promptly leave. Bulbul says that Meera doesn’t have any idea how hazardous she’s, she will make Meera dance to her tunes in the forthcoming three days.

Shanaya tells Prema that not exclusively Bulbul’s, however her voice is additionally similar to Pakhi. That’s what prema says yet Pakhi doesn’t talk the manner in which Bulbul talk. She inquires as to whether he likewise thinks something very similar. Sameer says that he asks why Meera told how she saved money on seeing Bulbul. He says that it seemed like Meera needed Pakhi’s demise and it implies Meera attempted to kill Pakhi, not Agastya. He thinks about how Meera needs to manage Bulbul’s assistance.

The following morning Shanaya is cleaning the lights remaining on a stool. She shares with Prema that Meera should have an arrangement behind keeping Bulbul in this house. Meera hears this and kicks the stool making her tumble down. She leaves getting a call. Agastya comes to Shanaya and really focuses on her. He says that Meera isn’t terrible, however behaves like this when she’s furious. He recalls that somebody called him and leaves. Dadi tells Prema that Agastya was like that before Meera came into his life.

Agastya comes to Bulbul. He is sorry to her for arriving behind schedule. He says that she said that she will in all actuality do his hair. He requests to make Hrithik’s hairdo. He asks Bulbul to never leave him. Bulbul gives him toffee. He imparts it to her and eats it. Dadi gets cheerful seeing this. Yug telephones Meera and says that he enquired about Bulbul. He says that she can’t be blissful as her town individuals said that they have seen her from adolescence. Meera says that they don’t know need to get stressed and need to bear her for three days.

Meera yells at everybody and inquires as to why they haven’t arranged the morning meal yet. Bulbul comes there and inquires as to why they all are standing. She requests that they sit. She causes Dadi to sit on the sofa. Meera asks who will make food assuming that they sit. Bulbul says that Meera will cook that day while others will rest. Meera hauls Bulbul separated. She says that she’s paying her more than she merits for her work and shares with not act shrewd before her. Bulbul shares with Meera to show her annoyance on her cooking. She advises her #1 dish and says to make it by adding part of cheddar. Meera expresses shut up.

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