Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th August 2022 Written Update:

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th August 2022 Written Update on

Pakhi and Agastya’s copy trading laurels. Agastya sees this on the screen feeling powerless. He attempts to split confine that secured. Dadi figures out how to free herself. She finds the entryway shut and attempts to open it. There Pakhi petitions God. Pakhi and Agastya’s clone begin taking rounds around the heavenly fire. Meera sneers believing that Pakhi is uninformed that she’s wedding an outsider. She goes to check Dadi once.

Dadi figures out how to emerge from the room breaking the entryway and tracks down Meera before her. Meera says that karma is her ally so she came to before Dadi arrives at the wedding mandap. Meera attempts to stop Dadi. The last option battles with Meera saying that she won’t let jer ruin her kids’ life. Meera infuses something on Dadi’s shoulder. However Dadi pushes Meera down and races to stop the wedding.

Agastya cries seeing Pakhi and Agastya’s copy performing wedding ceremonies. Tara goes to get blossoms. Dadi arrives at close to the wedding mandap. Her legs surrenders. Tara sees Dadi and rushes to her. Dadi shares with Tara that her father hasn’t arrived. All notification Dadi. The last option gets oblivious. All gets stressed and comes hurrying to Dadi. Agastya’s carbon copy checks Dadi and says that she’s dead stunning all. Agastya separates seeing this and apologizes for neglecting to save her.

Sameer tells Pakhi that Dadi got coronary episode. Pakhi separates. Family sob for Dadi. Agastya’s clone acts and inquires as to why individuals whom he adores, leaves him. Sameer embraces him to reassure him. Agastya’s clone embraces Pakhi crying. Meera imagines that she would have killed Dadi in the event that she didn’t attempt to act over shrewd.

Meera sits in the puja coordinated for Dadi. Pakhi expresses gratitude toward Meera for dealing with Tara over the most recent fourteen days. Meera goes separated coming up with the rationalization of noting a call. She signs Agastya’s copy. The two of them talk about going separated. Meera says to Agastya’s copy that she can hardly stand by any longer and requests that he get private with Pakhi so she get pregnant.

Pakhi gets a call and gets stunned. She shares with Mona that Dadi misled them. She says that she can hardly imagine how unexpectedly kicked the bucket in the coronary failure, so she conversed with Dadi’s friendd aside from Sarita. She got Sarita’s call, she has been in London since a year and she’s fine. She questions that Dadi’s passing isn’t normal stunning Mona and Naveli. She vows to track down reality behind Dadi’s passing.

In the night Agastya’s copy comes to Pakhi. He embraces her from behind and gets heartfelt. Pakhi requests that he stop. She pushes him. He holds her hand and saying to let start their life. Pakhi says that she’s getting injured and requests that he leave her hand. She liberates her hand from him and leaves. Agastya’s carbon copy telephones Meera and determines what occurred. Meera says that she didn’t request that he compel himself on Pakhi and requests that he persuade Pakhi.

Pakhi is requesting that Tara have food. Agastya’s copy comes to them and says that they need to head out to see a film as Dadi used to this way. Meera comes there. Agastya’s copy says that he is certain Tara will accompany him. Tara demands Pakhi to show up with them. Naveli additionally says that Dadi likes this. Pakhi concurs upon Tara’s solicitation.

Pakhi requests that Tara complete her schoolworks with her guide. Tara proposes taking her coach alongside them to see a film. Pakhi concurs. Pakhi asks why her and Agastya’s relationship become odd these days. She leaves disregarding Agastya’s carbon copy. Meera feels that this time her arrangement will work and she will get Agastya’s property.

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