Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 19th November 2021 Written Story:

Episode Ramji agreed with Bhim Rao that they lost the battel wit time but will prepare for future Ramji left. Bhim Rao turned to Rama, she confessed telling Ramji about Bhim Rao’s dilemma. Bhim Rao understood. Rama gave him her jewelry, asked him to pay Barrister’s fee.

Phuliya asked Daliya to put prasad in the Temple for Mangesh’s release. Daliya amma agreed. Hitesh taunted. Bhim Rao defended Mangesh. Phuilya went to deliver lunch to Mangesh,

Police officer told Mangesh that his release was impossible. Mangesh didn’t care, he believed in Bhim Rao. Mangesh recalled his words that truth always precedes the lie. Mangesh told Police officer about Bhim Rao’s capability.

Bhim Rao went to Guruji to ask him about a Barrister. Guruji questioned him about Soham. Bhim Rao informed him about the incident and that he no longer works for him. Joshi came and told that Barrister Ankit Deshmuk was fighting the case against Mangesh. Joshi left. Guruji was astound, as he was a renowned lawyer. They went to approach some lawyers.

Rama was studying. Lakshmi said that her siblings were fighting outside. Rama went. Her siblings have torn each other’s clothes. Rama slapped and stopped them, questioned where they would get new clothes for them. Rama cried.

Phuilya consoled her. Hitesh asked her not to worry, Bhim Rao left his studies now he would earn. Jijabai and Lakshmi enjoyed. Meera asked Rama to go inside. She answered Hitesh that Bhim Roa has always helped everyone. Hitesh would believe it the day Bhim Rao would be the only one capable to help him. Hitesh didn’t want Bhim Rao’s help.

Rama’s siblings came to her for forgiveness. She left.

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Anand and Puranjan were in search of a job but weren’t lucky.

Ramji was informed that no lawyer wanted to take the case or asked for a hefty fee. Ramji asked him to continue the search.

Phuliya told Rama that she wanted Mangesh to return to Satara. Rama said that Satara became depressing for him after his wife’s death. Ramji and Bhim Rao came. Everyone questioned if they found a lawyer or not. Joshi was there as well. Bhim Rao couldn’t get a lawyer. Joshi said that a local lawyer agreed to fight but Joshi would pay him. Joshi wanted to be torn Bhim Rao’s trust in law and justice, wanted him to know that law always only for the aristocrats. Meanwhile a man came asking for Bhim Rao.

he was a lawyer sent by Soham. He informed that Soham got the new of Bhim Rao searching for a lawyer. He was in Surat currently but would reach Bombay tonight. He wanted Bhim Rao to meet him, he would fight Bhim Rao’s case. Bhim Rao asked Joshi to prepare himself. Joshi mocked Soham’s memory. He asked the man Soham sent to recall what he faced previously. The man said he remembered everything; he was more interested in fighting the case against Joshi. Incase Joshi lost, he would be in jail.

Precap: The men who misbehaved with Phuilya comes to inform that they have withdrawn from the case. asks Bhim Rao to do the same. Bhim Rao refuses. Rama’s sister informs that Shankar has been abducted. If they want him back, they must step back from the case.

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