Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 15th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode Rama apologized to Barrister for misbehaving. The Barrister told Bhim Rao that won’t come to this office again, Bhim Rao would be only his assistant not anyone’s husband.

Anand pleaded a Sethji for work. Sethji offered him to work on post of managing budget. Though Anand didn’t know the work, decided to learn it from Bhim Roa and Ramji. Sethji questioned about his caste. Anand recalled Lakshmi’s words. Sethji thought that he was from lower caste, Anand denied saying he was from the upper caste as well. Sethji asked him to join work from tomorrow.Anand came out, knew he was wrong but had to do it for the sake of his family.

Bhim Rao told Rama that he felt accomplished getting a job by being honest about his caste. Rama helped him by pointing out Barrister’s attitude towards his own work. Bhim Rao promised to work hard and become a successful Barrister. Rama left saying that Bhim Rao wasn’t talking to her.

Daliya amma distributed sweets in celebration of Bhim Rao and Anand’s appointments. Her son refused to it, she forcefully fed him. Hitesh taunted that Bhim Rao was only offered a job at a Barrister but not a Barrister.

The people continued with their taunts and then left. Ramji permitted Bhim Rao to work for a Barrister, he had no issue with it. Bhim Rao said that it was Ramji’s and Bhimbai’s wish to see Ramji as a Barrister. Ramji asked Bhim Rao to return home. Bhim Rao questioned. Ramji got angry, asked him to pack his stuff and return home. Everyone went inside. Lakshmi and Jijabai were in complete despair.

Rama was happy to return, she wanted to take care of Ramji. They packed their bags, were about to leave. Jijabai came, asked them not to return otherwise she would leave. Rama questioned. She left. Rama’s siblings came asking if they were returning to their original home. Rama asked Bhim Rao to come, they would see the rest later.

Jijabai was happy with Anand’s job. Puranjan said that Bhim Rao got a job as well. Jijabai didn’t care about Bhim Rao since the day he left this house. Ramji pointed that Bhim Rao was coming back. Rama came and informed everyone that they were not moving back inn, it was best for everyone. Anand questioned. Ramji asked Anand to let her leave.

Bhim Rao defied Rama’s decisions, said that she shouldn’t have said so. It was Jijabai’s fault, she should have been blamed, Rama didn’t deserve to take the accuse on her. Dailya amma intervened said that Rama saved her in – laws from falling apart, she showed love and gratitude for her husband. Bhim Rao was clueless, he was unable to find a solution.

Ramji woke up at midnight, he awoke Jijabai and asked her to accompany him on a walk outside as he was feeling unpleasant. Jijabai agreed, they both came out of the house. Jijabai asked if Ramji was feeling any better.

Ramji replied that he felt peace once Jijabai came out. He understood what happened with Rama and Bhim Rao and why Rama refused to return back. He asked Jijabai to leave the house if she desired, he would take care of her expenses. He wanted her to leave right now otherwise the next morning she would have to bring Rama and Bhim Roa home herself.

Precap: Joshi comes questioning Barrister for appointing Bhim Rao, he threatens to destroy him. Bhim Rao thanks Joshi for pushing him to search a job. Barrister asks Bhim Rao to maintain distance from him and his pooja place.

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