Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 11th November 2021 Written Update:

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 11th November 2021 episode Ramji told Bhim Rao that value, honor of a leader will go on forever. Everyone has their own tasks, own battles to fight. People must focus on their struggles and how to overcome them. Ramji gave Ramji his milk and Bhim Rao’s glass of milk. She wanted Ramji to make Bhim Rao understand. Rama left. Ramji praised Rama’s intellect.

A man came asking for Joku. He threated to destroy his shop and take his wife incase Joku didn’t return. Phuliya angrily questioned his audacity to threaten him for so much he should pay attention to the women oh his house. The man replied asking Phuliya to question his husband for seeking refuge in another woman other than his wife.

Since men only ponder outside when their woman is weak to compensate their marriage. Bhim Rao questioned. The man grabbed Phuliya’s hand, he dragged her. Mangesh stopped him and asked to let Phuliya go. The man refused hence Mangesh pushed him aside. The man angrily left, committing to return back. Hitesh asked everyone to prepare for another issue. Mangesh couldn’t rest as an observer like everyone else.

Hitesh replied that it wasn’t the first time that the upper caste hustled their lives, Joku wouldn’t have reacted the same way. Hitesh said that Mangesh was trying to be Joku. Mangesh questioned the problem in being Joku. Phuliya slapped Mangesh, said that for a married woman her husband is the only man in her life.

Phuliya left, she misinterpreted Mangesh. Hitesh asked everyone to throw Mangesh out of this neighborhood. He was backed by few others. Puranjan asked Hitesh not to cross his limits, Mangesh didn’t live with him. Meera asked Hitesh not to burst his anger on Mangesh. Hitesh announced for a strike to get rid of Mangesh. Jijabai was in favor of removing Mangesh.

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The man Mangesh hit came to Anand’s Sethji. Anand hid behind the curtains. The man asked him to accompany him to the police station. The lower caste attacked him. Sethji agreed to come, called Anand to take care of the shop. Anand replied to his call from behind the curtains. He came out after they left. Anand was in weird complexity to choose between his caste and his job.

Bhim Rao and Rama came to Phuliya. Bhim Rao said that Phuilya misunderstood Magesh, he only intended to share Phuliya’s burden. Hitesh was protesting for an invalid reason against an innocent man.

Puranjan and Ramji tried to convince Hitesh to call off the strike. Mangesh was innocent. Hitesh was following Bhim Rao’s footsteps. Ramji justified that Bhim Rao had only protested for just reasons.
Rama and Bhim Rao tried to convince Phuliya to decide about Mangesh that whether he should stay or leave. Mangesh was being named for crimes he didn’t commit.

Mangesh asked Hitesh to stop troubling Ramji and his family, he was familiar with the dramas being created right now. Mangesh told that he was leaving. Ramji tried to stop him. Mangesh didn’t want to cause Ramji any more trouble. Mangesh was leaving, Phuliya stopped him. She questioned who would return all the clothes he brought.

Hitesh questioned Phuilya. She replied that when everyone was watching her being mistreated Mangesh as the one who stood for her. He respected her. Daliya amma’s son said that she was manipulated by Rama. Phuilya understood what she was told. if Mangesh left no one would ever help a woman like Phuliya again. Hitesh was against her decision. Phuliiya ordered Mangesh to iron the clothes. She apologized for the slap. Everyone left.

Bhim Rao praised Rama for making Phuliya understand. Rama replied that she can never make Bhim Rao understand. She left.
Bhim Rao came to Rama. Rama was still mad at him. He asked Rama for the savings, he has to pay college fee. Jijabai wanted to get hold that many, wondered how?

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