Choti Sardarni 7th January 2022 Written Update:

Robbie gets back home. He meets Param. He says Seher you look precisely like Meher. God favor you. Rajveer comes. Param holds him. Rajveer says he can’t see. He gives Seher’s cash to Rajveer and says keep it. He says I failed to remember your eye bulb is meld. I’m giving this as Seher’s favoring.

He says Seher you are doing Charity like Meher and Sarab. Seher takes the cash. She says this isn’t good cause. He’s my significant other, Rajveer. Robbie says sorry I neglected yet he’s an obligation. Seher says he’s my life not an obligation. Kulwant says as of now begin talking like you generally do. Family will be family. Harleen says this is Seher’s satisfaction.

Robbie says she’s our youngster How would we be able to let her settle on an off-base choice. Karan says she’s a grown-up. Param says he’s our brother by marriage. Nobody can converse with him like that. Rajveer says I can’t see however I can do my obligation towards Seher. Kulwant says canines bark when tempests come. Right Robbie?

Seher says to Raj I am heartbroken with regards to what Robbie said. He says he was correct. I’m a weight. The children show Seher video how she helped him without telling him. Seher says proceed to study. Rajveer says for what reason are you doing this for me. You will get worn out. Rather than dealing with you, you need to do it. Seher says don’t say that. Rajveer says I would generally rather avoid being a weight on you. Seher says don’t say that.

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Seher appeals to God for Rajveer. She reviews him crying. Seher says I need to accomplish something however what? Kulawnt likewise appeals to God for Rajveer. She says my children are in such a lot of torment. If it’s not too much trouble, help them baba ji.

Seher calls Param and Karan. Param says you disapproved of what Robbie said? She says surmise which clench hand has my bliss? They hold her hand. Seher says my satisfaction is in both of your hands. Seher says you both ought to get hitched.

KAran expresses what are you talking about. I will not get hitched. Seher says it will acquire bliss our family. You both need to consider it. Mom dad needed something very similar. The two of them leave. Karan says I dont want to wed. She says isn’t that right? Param says we need to deal with you and Raj, there are now an excessive number of issues. Param says they will not comprehend our circumstance.

Seher comes out and says I don’t want to live here in the event that my siblings don’t pay attention to me. My siblings figure their spouses can’t change here I’ll leave assuming nobody comprehends me here.

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