Choti Sardarni 2nd November 2021 Written Update:

Choti Sardarni 2nd November 2021 Seher comes back. Rajveer says you’re james bond. She says he’s my cousin. He says why are you so mad? I was appreciating. She says you got scared. Thanks for coming with me. He says why won’t I? She says that’s love. You’re my friend that’s why you came with me right? He says yes I care for you. She says in heart why can’t he say he loves me. Seher says you should freshen up. See I care for you too.

Scene 2
The warden brings out Kulwant Kaur. Rana says look at her condition. How can we take her home? Rana says she can be dangerous for us. Two women hit each other. Kulawnt stops them and says you shouldn’t fight. She hits both of them. The warden says what are you doing? She says it’s my job to hit people here. This is how I teach people. Bitu and Rana touch her feet. Rana says will you come home with us? Kulwant says I need to go to my daughter. She needs me.

Scene 3
Seher showers and comes out. she says did you change? He smiles. Seher says what happened to him? He says in heart should I say I love you? But I know her answer. Seher says what are you seeing? Seher says in heart say it Raj. Rajveer says what is this scar? She says I was joking around with Gilori. He says let me apply medicine on it. He says apply it. Seher says people who care do it themselves. Rajveer says let me do it. Seher says okay apply it. Rajveer is nervous. Seher says do it fast. Rajveer applies the medicine on her neck. Seher looks at Rajveer. He caresses her face.

Seher says done? he says yes. Rajveer says the cap.. I did it once, you can do it the next time. Seher says yeah you don’t care. He says why are you talking about care? She says you didn’t even let me hold hand. She says in heart he can’t even read my eyes. Rajveer says what happened? She says it’s your birthday so I am forgiving you. Seher says I wish you said what I wanted to. She leaves. Rajveer looks at Meher and sarab’s photo. She says I wish you were here and you could help me how to say it. I don’t wanna lose her. I love your daughter a lot.

Scene 4
Rajveer comes to the temple to pray. He says please show me a way. How to tell Seher what I feel for her. I won’t go anywhere until you show me th way. Please. It’s my birthday wish. Karan and Param come there. Karan says what way were you thinknig about? Param says is our sister teasing you a lot? Param says no no I come here every day. Karan says we see your problem. Param says did she kick you out of the room? Or was she sleep talking? Karan says he looks scared. Rajveer says no. Karan says we were just pulling your leg. They say we came for service for mama and papa. Rajveer says I want to do it for them as well.

Seher looks at Meher and Sarab’s photo and says I miss you both so much. I wish you were here. I would tell you how much I love Rajveer.

Rajveer and Karan do the service. Rajveer says please tell me a story of Mehrub. Param says their wedding was done in weird circumstances. They tell him Mehrub’s story. Karan says papa said when there is true love it fixes everything. Rajveer says I got the way. Thank you mama papa for showing me the way. Seher says I will tell Rajveer today how much I love him. Rajveer buys a churni for her. Seher touches her shoulder. She smiles. They both recall their moments with each other.

Scene 5
Badi bi tells the entire thing to Kulwant. She says Harshdeep is very dangerous for Seher. She needs you. Please come back. Kulwant walks away. Badi bi says please come back. Your daughter needs you.

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