Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye 12th March 2022 Written Update:

Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye 12th March 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Chikoo thinking to not let Dhanush know that she is Chikoo and chooses to confront him in the dance go head to head. Alka gets some information about his groundwork for the opposition. Smaller than usual tells he worked on a ton and he will astound everybody at the capacity. Alka lets him know that she will make him one of the board chiefs post his triumph. Smaller than normal remembers to purchase more garments yet Keshav prevents her from utilizing the organization card and questions for what reason is she utilizing it. Scaled down lets him know she is involving it for organization work and leaves for school with Dhanush.

Companions of Mini cautions her that Dhanush is fascinating in somebody. Smaller than normal riches his dress and takes his telephone then they saw his visiting with Ishq and Mini understands that she is Chikoo and observes that Chikoo didn’t uncover her personality to Dhanush and she sees ridiculing remarks and lets them know that she knows how to make Dhanush win the grant. Chikoo expresses gratitude toward Sameer for his assistance on the Nivaan matter. Sameer inquires as to why she looks strained. Chikoo uncovers to Sameer and Pushpa that Aarav js her cousin and Nivaan observed that she is Chikoo. Sameer tells truth can’t be covered up.

Chikoo gets a message from an obscure number that she needs to send a video of her dance to the essential lady. Chikoo records her video and sends it to that number. Smaller than expected gets that video and remembers to utilize it against Chikoo. Chikoo is going to take the guitar.

Dhanush likewise holds it. She checks him out. Dhanush says it’s the person who he plays. Chikoo inquires as to for what reason would he be able to trust anybody. Dhanush tells her that he will win the grant and requests that she not show her face post winning.

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Aarav asks Nivaan from where he got the cash. Nivaan didn’t uncover him then he cautions Chikoo to not utilize his sibling. Aarav takes Chikoo to the container. Scaled down plays the Ishq recordings and uncovered that Ishq is, in all honesty, Chikoo with confirmations. School individuals Chikoo as dim pork. Dhanush inquires as to whether she is chikoo? Questions why she deceived the key that she can’t move and inquires as to whether she played with him to know his assets and shortcoming to win the opposition.

Chikoo cries. Dhanush’s companions mock her. Nivaan stops them. Aarav and Dimple tell her they are pleased with her as she is a motivation to many. Dhanush tells her she fouled up with him. Chikoo leaves in tears. Smaller than usual companions ask others to unfollow her. A few young ladies support Chikoo and request that she be certain. Dhanush tells Keshav that I imparted everything to her and how might she cheat me. Keshav lets him know Chikoo didn’t swindle him and she utilized another name like you’re utilizing Live jay.
Episode closes.

Precap – Nivaan requests that Chikoo not power outage from the opposition. Chikoo lets him know she can’t move. Chief tells Dhanush will be the champ in the event that Chikoo will not show up in next 15minutes.

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