Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 21st-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Chikoo praises the taste of food and eats everything thinking Nupur have other food. Nupur drinks the water to kill her hunger. Milind leaves from dining table saying he is not hungry. Kamini tells to Savitri that we are acting to eat good to hide everything from Aarav and Nirav. Savitri says she is unable to see the pain of Milind. Kamini says let’s stop Nupur trails to get closer to Milind by searching good alliance to Milind from now itself as it’s waste to wait for next 15 days. Nupur gets sad knowing she didn’t get work.

Next day Chikoo tells to Nupur that they got event to perform. Nupur asks which event she is talking and asks her to tell about it but Chikoo takes her to Pintiya event organisers which she used to work with Rangoli. Pintiya tells them that they have to perform at birthday party. Nupur says I’m classical dancer. Pintiya says time is changed so people likes Dhamal dance and I will give you 50k if you agree to perform it. Nupur asks them to talk with party that she will perform classical dance but Chikoo says agree to modern dance as we can get good money and food with our hard-work. Nupur agrees for her. Pintiya asks them to come to Rashi panchavani birthday party to perform. Nupur takes their address and she asks Chikoo if she really don’t know how to read. Chikoo says she is zero in education.

Otherside Savitri and Kamini insists Milind to join them for Rashi Panchavani birthday party. Milind agrees and leaves from that place. Savitri asks Kamini if she feels their plan get successful. Kamini says let’s Milind meet with Mandira than everything will be set. Savitri prays for Milind hapiness than she leaves to her room with her husband. Subodh asks whats her new plan. Kamini says Mandira plan is needed to make Nupur and Chikoo leave from Milind life. Kamini talks with Rashi and assures that Mandira and Milind will meet at their party.

Next day Chikoo and Nupur rushes to event. Milind and his family members arrives to party where Kamini makes him meet with Mandira than they goes aside giving privacy to Milind to talk with Mandira. Savitri says wish Milind likes her so Nupur will complete leave from his life. Nupur gets Chikoo ready and Chikoo asks her to don’t get tensed and I’m excited to perform with you. Nupur hugs her. Savitri tells to Kamini that she feels today something good happens in Milind life. Nupur and Chikoo discusses event is not yet started and it must finish on time otherwise Joshi’s house main door will be closed. Chikoo goes to get water than Nupur messages to Milind that they are out. Pintiya sends Chikoo inside saying performance is about to start.

Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 20th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Panchavani announces the performance he organised for his wife. Chikoo and Nupur comes to stage and gets startled seeing Milind and his family at event.

Precap – Nupur and Chikoo performs. Milind gets drunk and one man insists Nupur to perform to song they like and talks in insulting way than Milind gets angry and beats that man for insulting Nupur.

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