Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 16th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Everyone waits for Milind and Subodh. Pandit asks Savitri to call her son’s. Subodh makes Milind gets drunk than he joins his Mom at pooja after receiving message from Kamini than he asks her about Milind. Chikoo tells to Nupur that don’t worry as Milind uncle will come like hero. Milind comes downstairs in drunken state. Savitri blames Nupur for her son’s state.

Chikoo thinks from where Milind uncle got wine and she goes to search whole house and start her search from Milind room. Savitri tells to Milind that alcohol is not solution to his problems and warns him to stay away from it. Chikoo searches Milind room and plans to throw all bottles from house as it making Nupur sad. Chikoo covers her face with mask and tells to Milind that I’m not breaking promise and I came to your room to clean it as I don’t like dirtyness. Milind about to take out Chikoo than Nupur stops him by questioning how can he behave in this way. Milind says she never take his side. Nupur sends Chikoo out than she tells to Milind that she don’t know this Milind and he says you’re also new to me.

Chikoo thinks I wanted to patch up them but they are fighting because of me and alcohol is not present in Milind room and than she thinks where it can be than she goes to Kamini room. Nupur says you didn’t drink in the last 10 years than why you’re breaking your promise to Payal. Milind says I just break one promise but you break many. Nupur tries to massage his head but she stops her saying don’t show fake care. Nupur asks him to see her love in her eyes. Nupur asks h what happened and why he is drinking again. Milind says he wants to move on from her. Nupur asks if he marry again like Aai said. Milind asks in ehich right she is questioning him and if we have any relation than tell me what’s it. Both lost in eachother.

Subodh praises Kamini plan and they thinks to throw Nupur and Chikoo from house. Chikoo waits outside their room. Nupur stays silent. Milind says their is nothing left between us that’s why you can’t answer so it’s better if you won’t involve in my matters. Aarav and Nirav caughts Chikoo and asks what’s she doing. Chikoo says I’m fan of your parents as they looks stylish and she indirectly asks if they drinks. Aarav and Nirav asks if she spy than he makes her run showing their gun. Kamini takes her kids and asks what’s Chikoo asking them. Chikoo asking if you ever drink colour water but we didn’t answer and make her run. Kamini gives them chocolates and sends them to their room. Subodh and Kamini thinks they have to know why she is spying on them. Kamini days she will trap Chikoo.

Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 15th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Nupur sends food to Chikoo with Vinod. Kamini intentionally pours water on Nupur dress than she goes to change her dress. Vinod gives food to Chikoo than Kamini calls Vinod and intentionally tells to Vinod to clean their room without touching white box of Subodh collection and we are going to have food. Chikoo goes to that room and sees the wine collection.

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