Channa Mereya Written Update 19th October 2022:

Channa Mereya Written Update 19th October 2022 on

Episode begins with Shailaja inquires as to why police is here. Assessor asks who is Ginni Grewal. Shailaja focuses at Ginni. Ginni acquaints herself with the controller and says that she needs to document a grumbling against Simran who is her sister by marriage. Controller tells she can record an objection against her later however for the present she needs to go with them to the station since abusive behavior at home case has been documented on her.

Everybody gets stunned. However, aditya asks who documented such a protest. Simran shows up there with an injured brow. She tells she is the person who documented an objection against Ginni and acts and says Ginni attempted to kill her and her unborn youngster.

Ginni tells the auditor to not to trust Simran and says that she is the person who consumed the dhaba. Aditya and Gulraj additionally begs the controller to not to trust Simran’s words.

Ginni and Simran gets into a contention when the last option tells that Ginni attempted to consume her alive by pouring lamp oil on her. She additionally shows her draining temple. Investigator tells that Simran recorded a grumbling against Ginni so they will capture Ginni and requests that the constable bind Ginni.

Aditya flies off the handle and contends with the investigator which drives the overseer to document a grievance against him too for attempting to prevent them from performing their responsibility. Golden and Simran smriks joyfully. Ginni quiets down Aditya. The constable binds Ginni and Ginni takes a gander at Aditya with tear filled eyes. Aditya looks defenseless.

Shailaja ridicules at Ginni by reminding them how the wedding will occur assuming Ginni gets captured. Examiner cautions the Grewal’s to act appropriately with Simran or probably he will put every one of them in a correctional facility as well. He then takes Ginni with him followed by the relatives. Golden demonstrations and says that he will call the magistrate to stop her capture.

Ginni reviews Simran recording a video when she went inside her room so she requests her telephone from her. Simran gets stunned. Both Simran and Goldie asks her for what good reason she really wants her telephone. Auditor additionally asks something similar. Ginni lets them know in Simran’s telephone there will be a video which will assist her with defending herself. Simran makes not many strides back. Aditya comes behind her.

Simran gets stunned seeing him. Aditya requests her telephone and Simran gives it to him subsequent to seeing him irate. Aditya gives the telephone to Ginni. Ginni look through the video. She neglects to track down it and tells something similar to everybody. Simran gets blissful and reviews how she erase that video without anybody’s information. Aditya tracks down the video in Simran’s telephone and derides at her. He then shows the video to the monitor in which Simran seen admitting her violations about her association in consuming the dhaba.

The investigator flies off the handle at Simran so he admonishes her for tricking them. He then, at that point, requests that Ginni come to the station to record a grumbling against Simran then, at that point, leaves the spot. Golden flies off the handle. Ginni hauls Simran out of the house and tosses her. Goldie proceeds to remain alongside Simran as her help which shocks and disturbs Gulraj so she breaks all binds with him. Both Aditya and Ginni threatens to not to save Simran assuming she attempts to inconvenience their family and heads inside. Goldie and Simran leaves the spot.

Aditya tells he needs to prepone his wedding the following day which shocks Golden. Golden tells the plans are to be made yet both Aditya and Supreet guarantees they can oversee it. Later Simran reviews what happened then asks why Golden isn’t shown up there yet. Golden comes there and insults Simran for attempting to overcome Ginni yet flopping in her all endeavors.

He additionally tells as a result of her idiocy just she lose Aditya once likewise losing a potential chance to get him back once more. Simran tells Golden that she is going to something due to which Ginni will not be cheerful by any means and she can’t even ready to show her face to anybody. Golden ridicules at her. Simran tells this time she will not dishearten him likewise requests that he prepare to pay ten lakh and in view of her work she could go to prison additionally assuming she gets found out.

Golden commitments her to give one crore additionally rescue her assuming she eliminates Ginni from his life. Simran guarantees him the equivalent. Later Simran enters the Singh’s chateau without anybody’s information where the following custom is being held. Golden contemplates internally on the off chance that Simran eliminates Ginni from his way, he will track down the journal and consumes it. Akash inconveniences everybody by utilizing paper plane so Aditya sends him to the store room.

Simran makes one of the specialist oblivious then grins. Aditya goes to Golden and asks him remaining solitary. However, golden demonstrations and says he was figuring whether they ever both idea they will be in great terms to go to a capability like this?. He then, at that point, gives a beverage to Aditya yet the last option won’t have it. Aditya then, at that point, gets hypnotized seeing Ginni who shows up there decked up. He signs at her and the last option becomes flushed.

Precap: Rajvant comes to go to the wedding of Aditya and Ginni. He hits the dance floor with them joyfully. Meawhile Akash finds Kushwant’s journal and makes paper plane to play with it.

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