Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 15th October 2022 Written Update:

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 15th October 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Cart tells Ritesh even Ritesh quick for her so requests to break his quick. Ritesh tells her he quick for Zoon not to for her so she dont need to stress over it. Indi causes Ritesh to have water. Kaamna irately takes a gander at them both. Cart expresses gratitude toward Profound for her gift. Ritesh gives gift to Indu however the last option reviews Kaamna’s words and won’t take ot then leaves the spot.

Ritesh follows her to acknowledge his gift and says this is his family’s custom. Indu gets irate and tells Ritesh she dont need his gift as she isn’t keen on his cash. Ritesh lashes out and grumbles how she is making everything confounded in any event, for a little motion. Indu tells Ritesh tolerating his gift resembles harming her sense of pride which she dont need to do.

Ritesh gets irritated and gives the gift to a specialist infront of Indu. Indu gets irate and calls him nauseating. The two of them indeed gets into a verbal battle and chooses to leave the spot. The two of them shares with one another the individual won’t change then, at that point, leaves in the other bearing.

Kaamna affirms with Reema the Shagun for Indu is prepared or not and trains her to ship off Indu’s home. Cart comes there and advises that she is all set to Indu’s home. Kaamna tells her she alone is fit for taking care of them. Cart chuckles and derides at her by advising her that herafter she don’t need to oblige her words so she is going with her to the Raina’s home and requests that Kaamna come soon then leaves the spot. Kaamna gets angry.

Asha hears the doorbell so she goes to open the entryway. She gets stunned tracking down Kaamna. She welcomes her inside and gets down on Sunita and Rajender. The two of them comes outside and welcomes Kaamna inside. Kaamna lets them know let her completion her work first which befuddles the Raina’s. Kaamna grins and says both the family’s are going into another relationship so according to custom she brought Shagun for them. Indu shows up there. Cart comes there and calls Indu wonderful. She then gets down on the specialists who brings Shagun inside the Raina’s home. Seeing the things the Raina’s gets awkward and stressed. Kaamna tells they needed to do a great deal yet everything is occurring so quick so finally minute they can ready to just organize this much.

Rajender tells her for them relationship is what significant and how they handles it likewise the Shagun is part more and welcomes Kaamna inside. Kaamna and Cart goes into the house. Indu stresses over Rajender who could feel compressed seeing the things gifted by the Malhotra’s. Cart adulates the Raina’s home. Kaamna gifts Sunita her own gems and abuses her adage she is fixated on adornments’ which they generally saw it as of now. Indu lashes out however Cart handles what is happening by reminding Kaamna about Rajender’s words about what is important to them in a relationship.

Indu gets a call from Ritesh so she pardons herself and heads inside. Ritesh taunts at her by finding out if her self confidence is harmed seeing the Shagun from his home and is she wanting to return it to the Malhotra’s. Indu flies off the handle and admonishes him. The two of them gets into a contention and winds up disengaging the call. Rahul encourages Ritesh to quit upsetting Indu yet the last grumblings Indu is irritating him a great deal. Rahul calls him irritating then leaves the spot. Kaamna tells the Raina’s they are compelled to give less Shagun which is not as much as what they provide for their laborers relatives marriage. She then, at that point, advises them that they ought to give more than whatever they got yet affronts them to give 101 rupee to which they will acknowledge it cheerfully. Indu shows up there.

Kaamna won’t have anything in the Raina’s and gripes about not ready to remain in a cooling room then, at that point, goes out with Cart. Kadambari asks Sameer where Magesh is. Sameer asks her have tolerance. Magesh shows up there and Kadambari lets him know he is late to which Magesh says them required his assistance and requests that they get out whatever they required from him. Sameer takes Indu’s name. Magesh blows up reviewing all that occurred so asks them not to take her name infront of him and chooses to leave. Kadambari tells Indu is wedding Ritesh Malhotra. Magesh stops in his track and reviews his experiences with Ritesh. In Raina’s home Indu encourages Rajender to not to worry about the Shagun.

Later the Raina’s brings things they brought as Shagun. Magesh tells as a result of Ritesh just he went to jail. Sameer lets him know they needs to stop Ritesh and Indu’s marriage. Magesh shows them something and lets them know he will stop this wedding at any expense and won’t take cash from Sameer saying all he needs is to destroy Indu’s life. Rajender shows his extraordinary granddad’s watch and tells this may not be costly however it’s important than most costly things on the planet and says he will gift this to Ritesh. Indu gets close to home and grins at him.

Precap: Police shows up at the Malhotra’s manor. Ritesh asks the reviewer the explanation for his appearance. The reviewer asks him is he and Indu is getting hitched. Ritesh says OK. Reviewer says Indu can’t wed him which confounds everybody. Zoon questions the Monitor words. Ritesh and Indu takes a gander at each other.

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