Bigg Boss 15 22nd November 2021 Written Story:

Media person ask Shamita why she treat Rajiv as her slave as she got offended when she was informed latter went to Tejasswi and shared about his bully with her. Shamita and Rajiv defend themselves. Rajiv say he just formally shared and didn’t went to Tejasswi personally to do that.

Next, Karan is asked his friendship with Tejasswi he find genuine but when she talk with Vishal he has a problem. Karan clarifies his point of view to the media.

Reporter ask Vishal that he said to Neha that Tejasswi is using Karan for the game. Vishal defend himself and say he said about Tejasswi when he wasn’t unaware that their relationship is this close.

Tejasswi is asked if she completely trust Karan or not. Tejasswi says yes.

Reporter next ask Umar that he learned that Karan called him ‘donkey’ while Tejasswi quoted for him that he is ‘emotionally weak’. She asks Umar if he will keep friendship with them or not. Umar says before taking any decision he will clarify with Karan first.

Jay is asked if he is image conscious thus, he is playing safe. Jay says he kept expectation from the other mates thus, his game got weak but he will play now. Vishal jump into the conversation and argues with Jay. Verbal argument happen between Jay and Vishal.

Reporter says to Vishal that he has broken the trust of other inmates. Vishal says he didn’t broken anyone’s trust. Reporter says Vishal has made a statement to Karan and Tejaswi to consider him. Later he said to Shamita that he will flip. Vishal tries to clarify but Jay jump into the conversation and don’t let him speak.

Next, Neha is asked she is on and off with Pratik. Neha says she will now play individual.

Reporter ask Shamita if she is with Vishal for the game despite of trust issue she have with him. Shamita says she is waiting for the right time to decide anything about Vishal.

Nishant is asked how he felt when Tejasswi reacted in the kitchen post he was out from the VIP zone. Nishant says Tejasswi might be hurt thus she reacted because they have good bond over kitchen duty.

Simba is asked why he isn’t playing a game. Simba says he can’t do unnecessary argument but he is playing the task. Reporter say to Simba that but he keeps sleeping in the house. Simba says if he will get a chance, he will prove himself.

Reporter asks Tejasswi that she too dominate Karan but claim Shamita is more dominating. Tejasswi says she felt than she said.

Tejasswi is accused for using Karan for the game. Tejasswi denies the question.

Reporter asks Karan if Tejasswi is his girlfriend. Tejasswi claim Karan is her boyfriend.

Tejasswi is accused for playing girl card by getting emotional post her fight with Nishant. Tejasswi replies to reporter that her question is offensive as she don’t think if one is emotional means playing a card.

Reporter ask Jay and Neha why they were so happy when VIP room was dissolved. Jay and Neha explain that Tejasswi showed her bossy attitude when she got power thus they were happy when VIP zone was dissolved.

Bigg Boss asks press to choose bottom 6 contenders. Reporter declare Rajiv, Simba, Neha, Vishal, Jay and Umar’s name as bottom 6. BB asks inmates to go to the bedroom area immediately.

Day 51 at 9 PM; Nishant and Pratik congratulate each other for being in top 5. Shamita alert Nishant not to jump when she is talking. Nishant asks Shamita to get over from her hatred.

 Karan apologize to Umar for calling him ‘donkey’. Duo tries to clear their misunderstanding.

9:30 PM; Shamita asks Vishal he can’t talk anything bad about her or Raquesh. Vishal apologize to Shamita. Shamita says to Vishal that she is fed up of him. Later, Vishal and Jay fight with each other post latter called former diplomat. Amid the fight they push each other. Other mates tries to separate Vishal and Jay.

10 PM; Media meet Devoleena, Rashami and Abhijit. Reporter asks Devoleena whom she will target in the house. Devoleena says she don’t like Vishal Kotian.

Press asks Devoleena and Rashami if there bond in the house will take a turn. Devoleena replies their bond is beyond the game.

Media asks Abhijit he didn’t got Maharashtra fan support during his stint in Bigg Boss Marathi, did he expect India will support him. Abhijit defend himself.

Rashami, Devoleena and Abhijit faces media questions too. 

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