BhagyaLakshmi 2nd December 2022 Written Update:

BhagyaLakshmi 2nd December 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Balwinder reviewing Rishi beating him. Guddu lets him know that his fate is great that he got saved, else Rishi would have killed him.

Balwinder says Rishi won as lakshmi is with him and tells that the arrangement was great, Lakshmi would have kicked the bucket and I would have crores. Guddu requests that he keep separation with her, and fail to remember Lakshmi totally. Malishka breaks the things in her room and envisions Rishi and Lakshmi romancing on her bed.

She breaks the mirror and asks Lakshmi not to contact her Rishi, and asks Rishi not to allow Lakshmi to contact him. She envisions Rishi inquiring as to why she has protest, as she got him hitched to Lakshmi. Malishka says I got you hitched to her, so you gets put something aside for me. Rishi says I’m of Lakshmi now.

She envisions Lakshmi inquiring as to whether she saw her affection power, and tells that adoration was battle for you which you have lost. Rishi says you are a failure. Malishka says OK, you made me failure, says your Malishka is dead and cuts herself.

Lakshmi inquires as to whether he had the food. Rishi says no, I just saw when everybody is eating. Lakshmi says I neglected, and asks him not to test her sanity. Rishi asks could I at any point pull your hand. Lakshmi says it is late, we will put on something else and will rest.

Kiran comes to the house and thinks they changed the house over night, figuring it will get transform malishka. She thinks Sonal is coming, she will make everything fine and will take Rishi back to Malishka. Rishi prods Lakshmi, saying cockroach is there. Lakshmi hops and jumps on the bed. Rishi snickers. Lakshmi says you are behind me. He says my significant other, each spouse maintains that her better half should be behind her. He says in the event that you don’t need then I will be behind another person to set her life. Lakshmi says alright.

Rishi comes to Malishka and sees her stomach draining after the blade cut. He tells her that he won’t allow anything to happen to her. He gets a call and tells Malishka that Lakshmi tumbled down from the step and I will go. Malishka says will you leave me biting the dust. Rishi says I’m unfortunately I need to go. He leaves. It is Malishka’s creative mind. She thinks today Rishi has killed her, by picking Lakshmi over her, he won’t lament all life and will ever get a young lady like her. Kiran comes there and sees Malishka wounding herself. She tumbles down.

Rishi converses with himself about whom to call, causing Lakshmi to hear him. He calls Aaliya and says pick the call. Lakshmi takes telephone from his hand and closures the call. He inquires as to for what reason did you cut the call. Lakshmi says until I’m a major part of your life, I’m your life and won’t allow you to go behind anybody. Rishi approaches her and asks truly. Tune plays… har jagah… .Rishi says assuming that I go behind somebody. Lakshmi says then I will go behind you (haath dhooke). She says it is a colloquialism. Rishi says Naha Dhooke. He requests that she give telephone. Lakshmi says on the off chance that Aaliya calls. Rishi says then, at that point, cut it. Rishi goes to change. Lakshmi asks God, what sort of spouse she got, yet she prefers him. Rishi asks what did you say? Lakshmi doesn’t say anything and goes to get water.

Malishka sees Kiran on the floor. She haven’t cut herself. She comes to Kiran and inquires as to whether she is fine. Kiran slaps her and inquires as to whether she will kill her in the event that she don’t get Rishi. Malishka says Rishi is her life, what she will manage without him.

She says she don’t to live. Sonal calls Kiran and tells her that she will not off herself, but rather will kill the obstacle come her direction. She tells that she is coming there and inquires as to whether she needs to bite the dust then, at that point, pass on infront of her. Kiran requests that Malishka kill her first, if she needs to commit suicide. Malishka tells that even she would rather not kick the bucket, she simply needs Rishi. Kiran is certain that Sonal will make everything fine.

A person entered Oberoi Manor. Tushar Kapoor as Reviewer comes inside the house following him. Virender asks who is he? Reviewer says he is Rajiv dixit and came to get the lawbreaker. He says he had killed Pooja and came here. He inquires as to why you kept the entryway open and tells that he will check.

Neelam says you won’t get anything. Rishi tracks down the cap and dark coat. He figures Lakshmi could believe that he should wear it, and wears it. Examiner captures him for Reena and Pooja’s homicide. Rishi says he is Rishi Oberoi. Neelam tells that he is our child. Monitor tells that middle class lawbreakers are likewise there. Lakshmi says this coat isn’t his. Rishi says he worn it thinking Lakshmi kept it. Assessor requests that the watchers watch his film in theater.

Precap: Sonal lets Malishka know that she will take care of her concern and will get Rishi and her wedded. Rishi and Lakshmi crash in kitchen. Malishka says Lakshmi is extremely astute. Sonal says you are testing me. Malishka says on the off chance that you get Rishi and I wedded, I will give anything you request. Sonal says in the event that I win this test, you will give your Rishi to me.

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