BhagyaLakshmi 18th January 2023 Written Update:

BhagyaLakshmi 18th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Malishka telling Sonal that she trusts Rishi will fail to remember Lakshmi soon. Sonal says Rishi will fail to remember Lakshmi however she will not. Malishka remarks on it. Sonal advices Malishka to ensure Rishi doesn’t remember Lakshmi. Malishka says she knows what to do? Malishka says she will go on wedding trip with Rishi just after the marriage for 3 to 4 months. Sonal asks Malishka where will she go? Malishka says she will go to Bali. Sonal says Bali is an exhausting spot. Sonal advices Malishka to go on an Europe visit. Malishka says she will conclude her special night trip, not her and leaves from that point.

Ayush gives lucidity to Balwinder that this cash is for him to leave Lakshmi. Balwinder says with this cash they have purchased Balwinder. Ayush cautions Balwinder not to act shrewd after he took the cash and requests that he leave. Balwinder leaves from that point.

Rishi hears Lakshmi’s voice and goes searching for it. Rishi sees Dadi taking a gander at a video of Lakshmi singing. Dadi says certain individuals’ voice contact other’s hearts. Dadi inquires as to whether Lakshmi’s voice contacted Rishi’s heart. Rishi remains quiet.

Guddu calls Balwinder. Balwinder gives the uplifting news to Guddu that he got rs 5 crores to leave Lakshmi. Guddu inquires as to whether he will leave Lakshmi. Balwinder says the cash is additionally his alongside Lakshmi. Balwinder says he will come and tell him later. Ayush punches Balwinder as Balwinder considered betraying them.

Ayush tells Balwinder it is their mix-up as they wanted to dispose of him with cash. Balwinder remarks on it and says up to this point they have Lakshmi so karma is their ally. Balwinder says once he weds Lakshmi he will acquire 500 crores with her karma. Balwinder leaves from that point.

Rishi shares with Dadi he doesn’t have any idea what he ought to consider his fortune at first he adored Malishka and afterward wedded Lakshmi now he separated from her and is currently wedding Malishka. Dadi additionally remarks on it and stresses over Lakshmi wedding Balwinder.

Kamli runs into Balwinder. Kamli asks Balwinder how might he wed another person? Balwinder asks Kamli who told her? Kamli says his companion told her. Balwinder confesses to Kamli that he is wedding Lakshmi. Kamli gets some information about their youngster. Balwinder says he is clueless about that youngster. Kamli does whatever it takes not to misdirect her yet Balwinder pushes Kamli on the vehicle. Balwinder cautions Kamli that his time is great and requests that Kamli leave the city. Balwinder leaves from that point.

Guddu shares with Balwinder that he brought a suit for him. Guddu gets some information about the 5 crores? Balwinder says he isn’t moving it as Ayush removed it. Balwinder says Ayush heard them talking and punched him took the cash. Guddu says he ought to have punched Ayush. Balwindar says he didn’t battle with Ayush seeing Virendra there. He says he ought to wed Lakshmi rapidly. Balwindar requests that Guddu plan for marriage and leaves from that point.

Rano shuts the entryway. Somebody thumps on the entryway. Rano opens the entryway in dread and she sees Balwinder and beats him why he came in the evening. Balwinder requests that Rano get him hitched to Lakshmi by tomorrow itself. Rano asks what’s the purpose for his criticalness. Balwindar says it’s required. Lakshmi demands her sisters to converse with her. Rano calls Lakshmi.

Lakshmi and ger sisters emerge from the room. Rano lets Lakshmi know that tomorrow is her marriage with Balwinder. Shalu and Bani say they won’t allow the union with occur. Balwinder says he will wed her. Bani asjs Rano to cause Balwinder to comprehend that pre wedding ceremonies are required so defer the date. Rano inquires as to why she changed out of nowhere. Balwinder says she is making it happen so they have opportunity and energy to stop the marriage.

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