BhagyaLakshmi 14th May 2022 Written Update:

BhagyaLakshmi 14th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Malishka reviewing the offending expressions of the Ngo lady. Shalu wipes Lakshmi’s tears. She is sorry to her telling her she didn’t intend to hurt her. Lakshmi says I know it from before yet it harms me and I need to reside with minutes where Rishi is with me yet I know it’s simply a fantasy and it will split once I awakened. Shalu says it happened on account of the news she provided for columnists. She is sorry to her.

Rishi arrives at home and why noone is going to his calls. Neelam says it’s not to be talked about on stand by that is the reason I called you home. She lets him know how Malishka secured herself in the washroom. Rishi inquires as to whether she is annoyed with articles in papers. Neelam says so much happened as a result of that article and Ngo lady came here and offended us due to Lakshmi. Neelam says those ladies may never enter here in the event that Lakshmi didn’t call Malishka as one more lady in your life and those ladies obscure Malishka’s face. Rishi gets stunned. Karishma and Kiran, Dadi lets him know the number of put-downs they that confronted. Karishma says you’re answerable too for this occurrence as Lakshmi is acting in this manner seeing your help. Neelam requests that he follow through with something. Sonia says Mom is letting you know half something do as well. Rishi yells and calls Lakshmi. Shalu holds Lakshmi and signs her that she is with her.

Neelam requests that Rishi handle Malishka telling they can deal with Lakshmi later. Rishi thumps washroom entryway and argues her to open the entryway. Malishka emerges and leaves without talking anything to him. Lakshmi and Shalu follow her. Malishka leaves from that point taking her mother with her. Rishi shares with Lakshmi, you fell this low, I never expected that you can get it done and you caused us to get offended so you want recompense for it. Shalu is going to say she is the person who gave data to a journalist yet Lakshmi stops her. Rishi says you got back at us and I revile the day I wedded you and I’m feeling awful for believing you and you gave the news to media individuals and offended us and presently I’ll show you what I can do, I’ll accomplish something that you couldn’t envision in dreams and I will show your place to you and he leaves telling he is going to Malishka’s home. Neelam tells Lakshmi, presently I’ll show you your genuine spot in this house.

Kiran attempts to stop Malishka. Malishka says she confronted affront due to Lakshmi and she tells her she abhors Lakshmi and swears on her mother that she will make Lakshmi like other lady.

Lakshmi requests that Shalu call her arriving at home. Shalu apologizes to her. Lakshmi gets some information about it. Shalu leaves. Lakshmi lets Sumo know that noone trusts her regardless of whether she uncovers reality. Lakshmi sees Virendra and goes to h saying Bauji. Virendra says she can’t trick him with her phony tears and he requests that she not call him Bau ji. He says I acquired regard with my hardwork and one whom you referenced different ladies is rich yet you demolished everything and I might battle for you on the off chance that you’re great however you simply tormenting Rishi.

Neelam comes there and lets him know Lakshmi is glad to see their affront. She takes him. Malishka lets her Mom know that she will make Lakshmi and Shalu lament for maligning her. The worker tells Rishi came for her. Malishka attempts to go yet Kiran stops her and requests that she utilize what is happening to make Rishi hers and show him the amount you got injured and Rishi will be your this evening which will cause Lakshmi to apologize forever. Kiran sees Rishi and requests that Malishka close the entryway. Rishi requests that Malishka emerge yet she denies breaking things. Kiran approaches him and cautions him to leave her girl if not she will pass on in this suffocation.

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