Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th December 2021 Written Update:

Angoori moving. Vibhuti strolls to her and hit the dance floor with her. Vibhuti kissing on Saxena’s hands. Saxena calls Vibhuti and says don’t kiss watch. Vibhuti says I was. Saxena says you were kissing bangles. Vibhuti says OK I was kissing Anu’s bangles. Saxena says it individuals we see us in this manner you know what they will think.

Vibhuti says I’m not having some good times is kissing your watch, don’t have the foggiest idea what medication that specialist gave me, I went to him since I was having and migraine, I let him know issue so he gave me some medication, at whatever point I have it I feel sluggish and go into my creative mind, I really want to converse with specialist, he dis something. Saxena says you are pointless individual and that is the reason you are getting futile specialists. Vibhuti make a move to slap him yet he feels tired and leaves.

Gupta analyzing Vibhuti and request that he bark. Vibhuti bark like canine and request what is the connection from woofing with my concern. Gupta says there is no connection except for it’s important for our calling, assuming we don’t request that he do then he will question us. Vibhuti says would it be a good idea for me I proceed to track down other specialist Gupta says OK in the event that you see as a free one and ask when you are free what you do. Vibhuti says I play videogames or watch video. Gupta says now I got to know don’t watch recordings they are the justification behind your wellbeing.

Vibhuti says there is companion who share video in bunch so I see them. Gupta says quit doing that promptly that is the foundation of your aggravation. Vibhu says everybody watch the reason why it’s onle me. Gupta says since you see a great deal of recordings that is the reason you have this cerebral pain. Vibhuti ask what would it be a good idea for me I do now. Gupta take this tablet have it two times per day and this is Ash from Kashi’s graveyard, lick it consistently in the event that god needs you will okay. Vibhu ridicules him and levae.

Angoori in yard cleaning rice and singing. Vibhu go to Angoori and plays with her. Angoori says Tiwari love this tune so at whatever point he is irate on me I sing this tune and he fails to remember his indignation. Vibhu says who cares, play with her and wink at Angoori. Angoori thinks I he wink at me accidentally and says how’s Anita. Vibhuti wink at her again and says she is generally fine. Angoori thinks he again wink at me I suspect as much he is doing deliberately and she leaves. Vibhuti befuddled what befall Angoori.

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Tiwari in room says Tripathi’s telephone is turned off and he needs to do installment. Angoori strolls to her says that Vibhu wink at me. Tiwari expresses what and snicker. Angoori says you are chuckling he wink at me. Tiwari says he can’t do this memorable attempt, there should be something in his eyes.

Angoori says you realize I don’t lie I’m saying truth. Tiwari says Vibhu never wink at his better half ever, for what reason will he do this to you and you don’t have that sort of connection with him. Angoori says then, at that point, I’m telling untruth , when I said he wink at me so he did. Tiwari says I’m saying he can’t wink at you mean can’t wink at you. Angoori I’ll Ammaji on the grounds that you are not posting me, who would it be a good idea for me I go and grumbling to. Tiwari says alright assuming Vibhuti did what you are saying then he will confront Bhabhiji’s indignation OK.

Anu peruses news about expanding eve-prodding in city says we are living in 21st century yet these news. Vibhuti strolls to her with espresso and says for what reason are you furious. Anu says this is a direct result of this news. Vibhu peruses the article and says this isn’t right overview. Tiwari and Angoori strolls to them and says it’s not off-base.

Anu ask Angoori for what good reason does she lookd resentful. Vibhuti says did somebody bother you as well. Tiwari says did anybody made trouble with Angoori too. Vibhuti says who can dare she is dark belt in Karate and says we were perusing article that Kanpur has enormous number of eve-mystery. Angoori says this is correct and you are the enormous one eve-secret. Tiwari grievance about Vibhu winking at Angoori, to Anu. Vibhuti says how could you I can never do this. Angoori says shutup I see him winking at me.

Anu says in the event that I can be straightforward he never wink at me how he will do this. Tiwari says I attempt to tell her that. Angoori says yet I see everything. Anu says we are largely human and can do botch it very well may be he has something in his eyes, so he more likely than not done to clean it. Angoori says it happen various time. Vibhuti says I swear on Anu. Tiwari says you won’t swear on Bhabhiji. Vibhuti says I swear on mother that I did nothing like this I’m blameless. Anu says he nevylie on her mother swear I realize that. Vibhu says in the event that something like this occur in future then his shoe and my head. Angoori says OK. Tiwari says OK I’m shutting this case and from this point forward deal with this and they hoth leaves. Anu says chill I realize you can’t do that.

Same evening. TMT, Prem, Gupta and Masterji together totally irritated with regards to the insight about eve-mystery. Gupta says our ladies. Prem stops him and expresses what do you mean by our ladies you simply have one spouse and rest are our own. Teeka expresses what hogwash you three are talking. Tillu says we are here to examine about the eve-secret matter. Prem ask so what we want to do. Gupta says we should be ready. Masterji says we should be ready and hand them to police. Teeka says I have an arrangement.

Masterji says I’m attempting to acquaint them with everybody. Prem says who don’t know TMT here they are one of the eve mysteries of Kanpur. Gupta says i’m not sure what are they doing here. Tillu says we realize that we were eve secrets however we quit doing this. Teeka says we have taken oth to save every one of the ladies of your state. Gupta ask how tell us. Malkhan hand them paper says we know every one of the exercises of a mystery how would they do, we can guess by seeing there non-verbal communication and ww know about there style and everything. Masterji request that they make vow to help each lady.

Angoori in yard watering plants and singing. Vibhu strolls to her and tease, ask how are you. Angoori says I’m fine. Vibhu says you have misconception I never wink at you. Angoori says yet I saw it by my eyes. Vibhu says a sonnet and ask her yo take care in winter you may contract bug and wink at her twice. Angoori says you wink at me again I aw you. Vibhuti says no there should be some disarray I have control on by body parts. Angoori says why did you wink at me.

Vibhuti says I never did that and wink at her on different occasions. Angoori yells at her says you did it intentionally no compelling reason to cover it and leave. Vibhuti expresses what is the disarray she is saying I’m winking at her however I never did that. A man strolls to him ask what occur. Vibhu says this woman was saying I’m winking at her, I attempting to discover opportunity from seven years I never did that yet she is saying I wink at her. Man eliminate his headphones and ask where is this location mate. Vibhu says go from where you came mate.

Angoori in her lobby crying. Tiwari strolls to her shutup Happu is coming he will deal with. Happu strolls to Angoori says I came from home without eating anything so would you be able to if it’s not too much trouble, give me some bite and pratha to eat with chutney. Angoori says I’ll bring it pause. Tiwari request that Angoori sit and says to Happu first go about your business. Happu says I try to avoid youe conduct as police is for public same way open ought to likewise help police. Tiwari taunts him and says you need everything in free.

Happu says when I’m taking in free, perceive how much expensive things have become see instruction charges how much exorbitant it is, alright we should discuss circumstance what occur. Tiwari says individuals are eve-prodding ladies and you are sitting idle. Happu says talk appropriately and let me know who is doing to who. Angoori says Vibhuti. Happu gets stunned says our Vibhu and giggle says he eve-prodded to whom. Angoori says he wink at me. Happu gets shock says let me know what he waa looking at winking at you. Angoori says he was discussing winter season and wink at me.

Happu Singh says alright I comprehended and let me know one thing which eye he used to wink. Tiwari expresses what junk are you talking. Happu says shutup each case have diverse segment of case and ask Angoori do you recall. Angoori says he was standing infront of me and wink right eye at me. Happu says excellent and keeping in mind that winking at you did he offers something like dear child. Tiwari says are you distraught for sure proceed to capture him. Happu says stand by let me in on things so to present defense solid and make a move in like manner on Vibhu and request that Angoori make raita. Angoori says alright I’ll make it for you.

Precap :Tiwari ask Anu for what valid reason did you carry eve secret with you. Vibhu says I’m not eve-secret. Tiwari says you did on numerous occasions. Anu says how about you feel free to demonstrate it. Vibhu says I can demonstrate it and says see me am I winking at you and wink at her on various occasions. Anu says to Happu if it’s not too much trouble, remove him. Happu says that resembles Gori Ma’am

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