Barister Babu 27th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update :–

Barister Babu 27th September 2021 Episode starts with Bondita thinking there is a missing link, I didn’t get answers from Tapur. She sees someone’s shadow and goes to see. She thinks there is no one here, maybe Tupur slept in Thakumaa’s room. She goes and checks Tupur’s room. She gets Dhaka’s tickets.

She recalls things. Tupur comes there. Bondita goes back hearing some sound. Tupur hides from her and goes out at night. Bondita comes to the room and sees Tapur fallen down. She asks are you fine, why did you get on the chair. Tapur says I was taking some stuff, I lost balance and fell down. Bondita thinks what was she doing. She sees the cloth lying there. She checks and says Tapur, what were you going to go, why were you going to hang yourself. Tapur says no.

Bondita says tell me, what’s the matter, I m your sister, you can tell me everything. Tapur cries and says actually…. Thakumaa signs no to her. Bondita sees her in the mirror. She thinks what truth is Thakumaa refusing her to say, its related to Anirudh. She says I can’t believe that you are stopping her from saying the truth, I have seen you signing her no. Thakumaa says I didn’t sign anything, I heard the sound and came.

Bondita asks Tapur. Tapur says no, I didn’t see Thakumaa. Bondita asks her to say the truth. She says Tapur was going to commit suicide. Tapur says no, why would I do that, my saree was stuck. Bondita says look into my eyes and say. Thakumaa says we are there to help, but we can’t support you in the madness.

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Bondita sees Tupur coming from outside. She checks the tiffin. She asks for whom did you take this tiffin, tell me. Tupur says for my husband. Bondita gets shocked. She asks what, for Chandrachur. Tupur says yes, its wife’s work to feed a husband, he was sleeping since three days, he would be hungry, so I took his fav food, but he refused, he said he doesn’t want to have, I insisted him and fed him myself, he would be sleeping in peace now. Bondita asks how are you madly talking, he is dead now.

Tupur says he isn’t dead, he was killed, his soul is wandering, he asks me to get justice for him, none can stop me. She goes. Bondita says I don’t understand how to save Anirudh, how to find any evidence. She thinks and gets sad. Anirudh appears. He says you have to fight for justice, just one thing is imp, that’s truth’s victory over the lies. He encourages her and makes her wear the barrister robe. Rishta tera mera…plays…

He says when you wear this, you are just a barrister, don’t let relations weaken your goals, it should be the victory of justice and truth. She hugs him and says I can never be alone and weak until you are with me. Her dream ends. She looks around. Bondita says there is someone whom Anirudh is trying to save, I have to find that person and get the truth out. Its morning, Bondita does the aarti. She gives prasad to Tapur and Thakumaa. She says its Durga Maa’s sign, truth will win on Dashami day, I trust Durga Maa.

Sampoorna checks the wedding pics. She says I miss Anirudh more seeing the pics. Trilochan says I used to get sad if he went away, he isn’t here now. He says Bondita is coming, Sampoorna hide the pics fast. The kids hide the pics. Bondita gets the prasad for them. Shashwati and kids say we pray for Anirudh to come back. Bondita says I promise, I will get Anirudh back soon, go and study. They go.

Bondita gives prasad to Sampoorna and Trilochan. He blesses her. She sees the pics. She sees Chandrachur’s pic. She recalls. She thinks he had tried to kidnap me. She thinks who is he, how to find out, the eyes look familiar. She checks Chandrachur’s pic and matches with the other pic. She thinks it means Chandrachur had come to kidnap me.

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