Balika Vadhu 2 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Episode starts with Maadi Baa telling Anandi that she don’t have any qualities of a girl. Anandi says she used to play with boys in her house too. Maadi Baa says it will not work here and says you shall obey our rules. Anandi cries. Sejal asks her not to worry. Maadi Baa says the bahus of the house cry when Saas wants, and says you are crying for a small injury and says being a woman, you shall bear it. Anandi says it is paining a lot.

Maadi Baa asks her to be silent and goes. Prem ji scolds Jigar and says I told you not to play in the game, and says if it had hit her eye, then? Anandi comes there with Sejal and says don’t scold him, it was not his mistake, I couldn’t catch the ball and got hurt. Prem ji says you are saved because of Anandi today and asks him not to do this again. Anandi asks him to take her to her house and says she will go and rest there. She says take me there. Khim ji calls him. Prem ji gets tensed and asks Sejal to take Anandi to her room for rest. He says I will attend the call. He picks the call.

Khim ji requests him to bring Anandi home, as she is missing school. Prem ji says I am in Ahmedabad for work and will bring her once I return. Khim ji says ok. Prem ji ends the call. Sejal says I saw you lying to your friend, don’t forget it was Anandi’s father’s call. Prem ji says I don’t want to part ways with her and that’s why lied. Sejal asks him to let his affection open. Prem ji says she is our bahu and we have full right on her. Anandi comes there and asks if he is talking about her. Prem ji says you are hurt and we are worried for you. Anandi says pain is not much now. Prem ji says I thought your pain will be gone, if you have kulfi. Anandi says it is paining a lot. Prem ji says lets go and bring kulfi.

Ratan tells Khim ji that she don’t know what to do? She says until when we will hide from our kids. She says if she tells something to someone then, what if Kadvi Baa questions us. Khim ji says we will do something. Ratan says we are lying and teaching the same to kids. She says what if Kalpesh tells something to anyone. Anandi comes out and tries to talk to Prem ji. Prem ji is on call and goes.

Anandi asks Kanku if she is going to school. Kanku says yes, she has no option. Anandi asks what will I do here in the house. Jigar asks her to talk to someone. Anandi asks for her breakfast. Maadi Baa comes there and asks her to get breakfast for herself. She gives prasad to Kanku and Jigar and asks Anandi to bring breakfast for her. Anandi feels bad and thinks if Dhingri would have been here, then she would have played with her. She comes to Sejal’s room and finds her sleeping. She thinks to ask Maadi baa when is she going? She comes to her room and makes Kanha ji sit on the cradle and tells that she is Anandi, and her house is in Devgarh.

Maadi Baa comes there and asks why did you wake up my lala from sleep. Anandi says I didn’t wake him up, I made him sit properly. Maadi Baa says he didn’t fall, I made him sleep, how dare you to touch him. Anandi says I don’t know that bal gopal ji is made to sleep. Maadi Baa scolds her. Sejal comes there and says this is gopal ji’s nap time. She asks why did you come here? Anandi says I was getting bored as you all were sleeping. Maadi Baa asks did you get old copper and brass utensils from the house.

Sejal gives the old clothes. Maadi Baa asks her to clean all the utensils. Sejal says I will do. Maadi Baa asks Anandi to do. Anandi says I didn’t do this before. Maadi Baa demonstrates to clean the lid and then washes it. Anandi says it was dirty before, now sparkling like gold, you made it new. She says nobody can sparkle it like you and asks her to clean all the vessels. Maadi Baa says she didn’t like her attitude, and says all the utensils shall sparkle like this, and asks her to clean the big kadai too. Anandi says it is very big, how will I sparkle it. Maadi Baa says like cleaning the other vessels. Sejal goes with Maadi Baa. Maadi Baa shouts asking her if she slept.

Anandi cleans the vessels and washes them. She keeps all the utensils. She then washes the kadai and sits on it, to play. Diwari comes there and says Prem ji and Sejal are lucky to get such bahu. Anandi says my hands are blackened. Diwari says you are bahu of the house and shall do the work. She says I will make you spin. She spins her fast. Anandi feels like fainting and shouting. She asks her to stop spinning.

Diwari spins the kadai. Anandi says I will fall down. She feels like fainting. Diwari stops and says you want one more faint and says you think that your marriage haven’t happened, but your marriage happened when you was a baby. She says your parents got you married to Jigar, you are his wife. Anandi laughs and says even you had a misunderstanding like Jigar. She says even Jigar thought about it, and asks her to ask Prem ji kaku. She takes the utensils and goes to Maadi Baa’s room.

Diwari thinks what to do so that she believes me and thinks to inform Maadi Baa. Maadi Baa checks the vessels and says it should have sparkled more, but as you did it first time, its ok. She asks where is Kadai? Anandi says it is big, I can’t bring. Maadi Baa says ok and asks Sejal to make her keep in the kitchen. She gives her something in her hand. Anandi gets happy and hugs Maadi Baa.

Voiceover: A pure child’s mind does not harbor ill feelings towards anyone. That’s why love and happiness stays with children every moment.

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