Balika Vadhu 2 18th March 2022 Written Update:

Balika Vadhu 2 18th March 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Anandi setting up live for her holi crusade, no Consent, no tones. Anandi tells about them utilizing various buttons from what they have shown on the site. She tells how the seller had acted mischievously with one of colleagues of the organization, she gives an inspirational discourse and urges Diya to recount her story. A ton of females begin sharing their own accounts too in the remarks segment. Diya says thanks to Anandi. Anandi requests that she record protest against Mr Sharma.

Anandi calls police reviewer however he requests evidences prior to housing objection. Anandi tells around 1000s of young ladies who have come up during live with comparable grumblings against Mr Sharma. Police consents to record case however requests that they set up for an attorney pronto. Everybody prepares for the holi party. Bhairavi prepares and asks Anand for what valid reason he is as yet not prepared. He says its futile for him to go party and he needs to give existence to Anandi which she wants. Bhairavi attempts to persuade him yet can’t. Jigar acclaims Diya for grinning through everything.

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Diya acclaims Jigar for making her herself that she wasn’t to blame. He tells companions are for this. Anandi misses Anand at party and searches for him. Bhairavi meets her and tells her congrats for a fruitful mission. Anandi searches for Anand yet Bhairavi illuminates her that he isn’t coming to the party. She tells she for the most part doesn’t talk in the middle of her and Anand. Be that as it may, she is mentioning Anandi to comprehend Anand as he is awful at articulating his thoughts and keeps everything inside. Raju and Puttu meet Diya and wish her blissful Holi. She wishes them a blissful holi.

Diya gifts Puttu a princess pichkari. Puttu likewise gives her crown and advises Raju to place in on her head as he is taller. Raju additionally much love Diya on brow as a token of loving the gift and showing his affection. Diya is left shocked. She lets them know she cherishes the two of them as well. Anandi calls Anand and says Diya is getting some information about him, she comes up with senseless reasons to come to party. Anand keenly denies everything. Jigar’s companion blends Bhaang in thandai. Jigar discards it. He chastens him for doing this and requests that he appreciate sufficiently or, more than likely he can leave the party.

Anandi misses Anand and trusts he will come. Anand comes there playing dhol. Anandi and Anand go to her office. He advises her to concede that it wasn’t any other individual yet Anandi who was missing him, they share a few close minutes as Anand applies tone on all fours. She dismisses feeling bashful and humiliated. Anandi tells she is feeling solid resistance as he has applied shading to her however she didn’t. She focuses on a shading off her face to apply to Anand. The episode closes with Anand advising her to initially get hold of him.

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