Bade Acche Lagte Hain 9th November 2021 Written Update:

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 9th November 2021 Episode starts with Nandini saying Shivi. Shubham runs to see. Shivi and Akki exchange the garlands. Priya goes upstairs. Ram says I cancelled the marriage and didn’t tell the reason to Priya, its my problem, we did bad with her family, mom made the annulment papers and Priya saw it. Adi says she thinks you decided this. Ram says yes.

Adi asks which temple are we going now. Ram calls the auto driver and asks is Priya with you. Driver says she looks unwell, I just dropped her at Ram ji temple. Adi asks how did you get Priya’s auto driver number. Ram says I got it from Priya, she has my driver’s number. Adi says you have become perfect husband. Ram says she thinks I want to annul the marriage. Adi asks is Shiva and Akki’s marriage going to happen.

Ram says no. Priya hugs Sara and Akki. Maitri jokes. Ram says I have to tell Priya the reason, its time to rectify my mistake. Adi asks are you getting senti for her, good. Ram says ask Brinda to reach there soon, Priya will get angry on me, then on her dad and Raj. Adi asks what did you do. Ram says she is always angry on me.

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 8th November 2021 Written Update:

Akki and Shivi take the rounds. Priya prays that their marriage happens, and they get their happiness. Shubham and Neetu say Shivi isn’t here. Nandini says we have to tell Ram. He says forget him, we will go there and stop them. They leave. Priya thinks sorry mum, I had to do this against your wish. Pandit guides Akki and Shivi.

Priya thinks my namesake marriage is also over, maybe Mahender’s curse struck me, I will face Ram’s hatred now. Akki and Shivi complete the rounds. Sara claps. Maitri says congrats, thank God Priya has come, its good to see her. Sara asks are you thinking about Ram. Priya says yes, no, just… Ram and Adi come there. Brinda says you got late. Ram says tell Adi, I wasn’t driving. She asks him to go and talk to Priya.

She says tell her that you didn’t make the annulment papers, say Adi made it. Ram smiles. Brinda says tell her that Adi was overprotective. Adi asks what kind of wife are you. Ram says you will earn good deeds, I m doing this because Priya is right, why shall she get blamed for Raj’s misdeed, we will meet Mahender and warn him. Adi says yes, Priya can sign the divorce papers. Brinda says not divorce, annulment papers. Ram says she can decide it, I feel hungry, I hope there is good prasad in the temple.

They go upstairs. Akki makes Shivi wear the mangalsutra. The man sells aarti plates. She says men are also keeping Karwachauth fast for their wives these days. Ram jokes. Pandit asks Akki to fill sindoor in the bride’s maang. Adi and Brinda tease Ram. Ram says I have to go and talk to her. Pandit asks where is the sindoor.

Priya says I will get it. She stumbles on the stairs. Ram holds her. Pandit gives sindoor to Akki. Brinda says this is called perfect couple. Ram asks are you fine, I m there for you. Akki fills sindoor in Shivi’s maang. Pandit says marriage got completed. Ram, Adi and Brinda get shocked seeing Akki and Shivi married.

Ram says Priya… She says two lovers want to spend their life, so… Ram asks did marriage happen, no right, you can’t cheat anyone, I know you, you hate lies, you can’t do this, your dad can do this. She says please… He says you got my sister married, what please. Akki says listen. Priya says I m talking. She says you have cheated Shivi, you never step back from your promise, you promised you will get her happiness, you lied to her, you denied to get her married to Akki without giving a reason, you don’t care for anyone, my dad does such things, how can you do this. Ram asks did I do this, you are the root of all the problems. They argue.

Priya says our relation gave me this right, Shivi is my… Ram says she isn’t your sister, you said our marriage isn’t real. She says this marriage isn’t fake for me, you had run away from my family. He says because of your family. She asks what can be the reason. He says your stepbrother. She says Akki isn’t my stepbrother, I didn’t ask you why you left from the marriage, whom will you blame now.

Ram says your stepbrother, who tried to kill me. Sara asks Raj? Ram says yes, I have prawns allergy, a person can die, you remember I had the noodles, Raj mixed the prawns in it, knowing my allergy, I was coming to the hall and fainted down. Priya and everyone get shocked. Ram says people helped me and got me treated, so I came back, I had come back because I promised you and Meera, I kept my promise. Brinda says he is right, you can see the proof. Priya sees Raj’s video.

Ram says Shivi is like my daughter, I love her, how can I let her go in a family where my death conspiracy was planned, how can I do this after knowing the truth, who gave you a right to ruin Shivi’s life, you think everyone is fools, you are smart, if I m saying that this marriage can’t happen, then there will be a reason. Nandini, Meera, Sarika and everyone come. Nandini shouts Shivina…

Shubham asks Akki to stay away from Shivi. Akki says she is my wife now. Nandini asks how can you do this. She says Ram you promised me that their marriage won’t happen, then how did this happen. Meera says forgive me, whatever Mahender and his son did, I m really ashamed, they will get punished, they have to get answers, don’t punish Akki and Shivi,

punish them, Shivi is now our bahu, I promise I will keep her away from Mahender’s shadow. Ram asks but how, so much happened with me, no one could do anything, how can I be sure that Shivi will be safe. Meera says I m sorry, I should have kept you away from them. Nandini says don’t listen to them. Ram asks what would you do, if it was about your daughter, would you let her go to such a family.

Precap :Shivi argues with Ram. Nandini slaps Shivi. Priya says Ram is my husband, I will not leave anyone who tries to harm him. Meera and Sara ask Priya didn’t she keep the Karwachauth fast. She asks Nandini to give her the papers, she will sign it.

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