Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 3rd May 2022 written update:

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 3rd May 2022 written update on

The episode begins with Noor advising Sakina that she wants to converse with her till Zafar goes along with them for having sehri (pre-first light dinner prior to fasting). She asks her what is the issue with getting a moon for her. Sakina says she saw Zafar snickering when she got cognizant, so she needs to get back adoration/moon in their lives. Noor guarantees her not to meddle among them and asks her not to quick from today and deal with her wellbeing. Sakina expresses thanks with her exceptional giggle and when Zafar comes demands him to get her moon before eid. Zafar requests that she look for anything more than moon. Sakina gets determined.

Bittu strolls in. Zafar inquires as to whether he came to have sehri. Bittu says he came for something different and demands zakat’s 7 lakhs cash from Noor saying he is the greatest poor and merited of zakat. He gives his thinking when Pappu enters and uncovering his insider facts asks not to give it Bittu but rather to him all things being equal. Bittu counterattacks him. Noo denies to give zakat cash to both of them.

At café, Ramesh jokes on Zafar and asks how might he get moon for Sakina. Zafar cries. Bittu consoles him and offers to get a moon for him assuming he persuades Noor to give him zakat cash. Zafar reluctantly concurs. Bittu structures a group with Kooda, BBC, and Pappu and makes sense of his arrangement. Zafar insults Ramesh to visit the porch this evening and get a piece of moon for himself. Ramesh sits confounded. Zafar with his group get back and goes about as testing the patio for handling the cash. He lets Sakina know that he got a holy person who gave him a mantra to welcome moon on sky. Bittu begins his theatrics next. Shanti feels envious seeing that and plans something.

Zafar asks Bittu not to bomb his arrangement or, more than likely Sakina won’t extra him. Bittu vows to get the mon on patio assuming he persuades Noor to give them zakat cash. Ramesh surges home seeing Shanti’s various missed calls. Shanti says Zafar is getting moon for Sakina on porch. Ramesh says its obviously false. Shanti compromises him to bring stars for her or, more than likely she will break his knees. Ramesh stows away in dread and surges out of room. He sees Bauji and youngsters paying attention to their discussion. Bauji says he can see annihilation of this haveli. Kids declare that dad will bring stars for mummy or probably mummy will break his knees. Zafar insults Ramesh. That’s what kids joke in the event that dad doesn’t bring stars, mummy will severely rebuff him.

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