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Episode starts with Badal saying how could mother go? Scratch comes and says Pallavi should appreciate another person’s conversation. Dadi says how might you say that? Nani and Dadi cry when Sonali comes and imagines saying I was searching for Pallavi from so many days yet couldn’t see as her. Nani days Pallavi probably been harmed.

Following one month jump, Diwali is shown. Nani and Dadi get profound recollecting Pallavi. Nani asks Dadi for what reason would she say she was disturbed from Pallavi and afterward unexpectedly she again pardoned Pallavi?

Nani faults Dadi for being the explanation because of which Pallavi left. Dadi is miserable and quiet. Dadi figures I can’t come clean with her as Pallavi made me guarantee. Nani says Pallavi regarded you significantly more than me. Dadi says I know.

Sonali is conversing with Nandita available to come in to work saying you ought to have been hanging around for cards party, Dadi needed to do conventional puja however I kept this party, it was such a lot of tomfoolery. All at once somebody thumps, Sonali goes to open the entryway.

Sonali says Scratch you ought to have been in the card party, my companions needed to meet you. Scratch says I was occupied, I ought to have been there. Sonali says I’m going to supper with companions will you join? Scratch says today is preposterous as need might arise to give diwali advance to staff.

Sonali says alright, additionally, as Badal will turn 18 so will you make bistro formally in his name? Scratch says I will consider it and talk later. Scratch goes. Sonali returns to call and says see Scratch was commending me. Nandita says I knew it, after Pallavi leaves Scratch would cherish you.

Here, Dadi says Sonali couldn’t care less about anybody and is dependably into herself just, today she didn’t light the diya in mandir. Nani additionally shows frustration in her and says the house is loaded up with liquor and cards all over.

Sonali believes it’s for the best Pallavi left any place she went. Scratch is leaving when Dadi requests that he come soon. Scratch says I will attempt. Dadi says our laxmi and light are lost when Pallavi left. Scratch doesn’t respond and goes. Afterward, Sonali comes to Dadi and Nani and ask them for an assistance.

Sonali says can you folks tidy up the house as I’m extremely drained. Sonali goes. Nani says I can’t completely accept that Sonali is making you and me work for her. Sonali is counting her cash when Nani and Dadi come. Sonali says for what reason are you upsetting me, I was counting the amount I procured from the card party. Out of nowhere, Pallavi comes in.

Sonali is astonished to see Pallavi. Pallavi is in a new outfit and more sure. Sonali is vexed seeing her and gets out whatever would you say you are doing here? Pallavi says I have come for Diwali. Pallavi embraces Sonali. Pallavi says so how can you partake in the existence you took from me? Unfortunately I don’t see Scratch with you right presently even on Diwali.

Pallavi insults Sonali while Sonali scowls. Sonali says you can’t come like this quickly. Dadi says Pallavi has the right on this house remember that. Dadi says let me cook for my little girl. Sonali lashes out. Pallavi says no you all don’t work, let me and Sonali play a round of cards and whoever wins will clean the house.

The two of them begin playing a card game and each round is won by Pallavi which makes Sonali more steamed. Sonali loses all her acquiring. Finally, Pallavi says how about we bet Scratch’s wallet. Sonali gets great arrangement of cards however Pallavi gets the most noteworthy so she wins it.

Pallavi, Dadi and Nani then go for puja while Sonali stays there all disappointed. Pallavi, Dadi and Nani do the aarti and puja. Scratch comes and is stunned to see Pallavi. Scratch thinks about every one of the past minutes where Pallavi denied to wed him.

Sonali comes there so Pallavi gives Sonali the aarti thaal and goes. Scratch does without saying anything. Dadi and Nani go to certain neighbors house. Scratch requests his wallet when Pallavi gives him the wallet and says how she won this as a trap from game with Sonali. Scratch leaves being disturbed. Sonali asks Pallavi for what reason would she say she is here? Pallavi jokes and doesn’t respond to her inquiry.

Precap – Pallavi cautions Sonali about somebody being a danger to her life. Sonali gets frightened by a secret lady around evening time.

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