Apnapan Written Update 20th October 2022:

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Episode starts with Ranveer warmly greeting Sonali and afterward hauls her out of his home. Ranveer says I will not be this narrow minded to make Pallavi cry in light of my adoration. Sonali says love has no restriction, have the opportunity to get your affection back. Sonali feels disturbed.

Following day, Scratch and Pallavi come for haldi. Pallavi requests kids. Nani says they have proactively headed off to some place. Pallavi says I will not sit for haldi. Nandita and Sonali get invigorated. Pallavi says till the time Dadi doesn’t make a difference haldi on me, I will not sit for it. Dadi recollects Scratch’s words and says I will do it however first let me shower. Nandita offers her assistance.

Pallavi searches for telephone when Scratch says I have it as you failed to remember it higher up. Scratch says Ranveer has called you multiple times, proceed to talk and tell me what you need before Dadi comes. Pallavi proceeds to see Ranveer close rhe entrance.

Sonali gets blissful seeing Ranveer and thinks her arrangement is working. Sonali requests that Nandita come down the stairs with Dadi as Pallavi is with Ranveer. Nandita requests that Dadi go ground floor when Dadi says I would rather not. Nandita says don’t do this and ruin the rasam, I additionally came here for the wellbeing of you. Dadi gets persuaded.

Here, Ranveer expressions of remorse to Pallavi and enlightens her regarding Sonali and her arrangements. Pallavi shares how all that wrong begun occurring from the opportunity Sonali arrived here. Ranveer shows Pallavi how Sonali is placing a few medications in Dadi’s tea.

Pallavi surges and prevents Dadi from drinking the tea. Pallavi blames Sonali for blending some medication in the tea. Pallavi says Sonali has resting medication. Sonali shows that she had put sugar free in tea and shows them. Pallavi says I’m sorry to uncertainty you really I saw similar white pills. Pallavi takes out the potli from Sonali’s midriff and shows it to all.

Sonali and Nandita are stunned. Pallavi asks what pills are these? Sonali is stunned. Sonali then says these are resting pills for myself, I experience issues in dozing so I have these, Scratch likewise is familiar with my condition. Sonali begins crying and says let me eat this multitude of pills and kick the bucket. Scratch comes and stops her. Scratch chides Pallavi for being over responsive. Pallavi says I have verification there is an off-base thing. Pallavi brings Ranveer and says Ranveer told me. Scratch says I would rather not hear it. He visitors begin discussing how Ranveer again came.

Dadi requests that everybody stop it. Dadi chides Pallavi and says how she is faulting her sister for her own deeds which is off-base. Dadi says this Ranveer has consistently made issues for themselves nevertheless they are doing the ceremonies yet today you accusing Sonali is off-base, how might you trust this person over your own sister?

Dadi asks Pallavi to statements of regret to Sonali. Pallavi statements of regret to Sonali. Sonali imagines and says no di, sorry assuming I caused you to feel like this I simply needed to help. Dadi values Pallavi. Nani comes and says how about we go on with the customs. Pallavi and Scratch are made to sit and Dadi puts haldi. Sonali flies off the handle seeing the customs actually occurring. Dadi thinks I’m doing this for Scratch and his affection.

Precap – Sonali lashes out on Nandita and remembers to annihilate Pallavi. The barat comes for wedding.

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