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Episode starts with Scratch and Sonali’s pheras. Initial not many rounds Sonali is driving and afterward in a couple of outstanding Scratch leads. Scratch then, at that point, puts sindoor in Sonali’s temple. Pallavi helps in that custom as well as Scratch watches her. Then, at that point, Scratch puts mangalsutra around Sonali’s neck.

Pallavi recalls her previous discussion with Scratch to continuously keep the admiration of this mangalsutra for their relationship. The mangalsutra breaks when Scratch is going to wear it. The visitors discuss how god isn’t giving favors to this couple. Dadi says god has proactively favored it while pheras. The visitors discuss the substitute of mangalsutra.

Nandita proposes to utilize Pallavi’s old mangalsutra. Nandita goes to get and provides for Scratch. Scratch puts that mangalsutra around Sonali’s neck. Nandita compliments Dadi however she is as yet dispirited. Scratch and Sonali take favoring when Dadi gives them being dispirited.

While Nani denies to favor them. Sonali says I need to take the gift of Sonali and she curves to squeeze the finger of Pallavi. Sonali thinks now I have what I need. Scratch figures the reason why did you do this Pallavi?

Pallavi thinks I needed to safeguard my family in light of the fact that the mysterious Sonali knew could break everything so I needed to shield you from that. Afterward, Pallavi converses with the children saying I realize all of you are disturbed from my choice yet I was unable to take a similar aggravation once more, I’m dependably there for you as a mother yet marriage would have been extremely challenging for me to deal with. Pallavi gets close to home and pivots. Kids leave being frustrated.

Pallavi comes to her room and sees Sonali and Nandita. Nandita requests that Pallavi pack her baggage as this room is of Sonali now. Sonali says let it be currently I have such a huge amount with me and as it is Pallavi will take off from this house soon. Sonali then says I want your assistance.

Sonali opens the cabinet and brings out two nighty for her most memorable evening. Sonali asks Pallavi for her perspective as she enjoys her preferring. Nandita giggles and says you folks proceed. Nandita leaves. Sonali then says I ought to wear your saree perhaps and afterward from this point forward I will utilize all your bindis too as you don’t have anybody to prepare for the time being as you lost your better half.

Sonali then gets some information about what will Scratch like to drink I don’t think badam milk, perhaps he will like whisky. Pallavi says let me let you know what you are doing. Sonali says I love seeing you in torment. Pallavi shows Sonali the mirror and expresses take a gander at yourself you will constantly be second whether it be school or somebody’s life.

Sonali says I’m in positive temperament so I will not respond to this. Sonali again gets some information about nighty choices and says you have not wore this always right? Pallavi says OK since I didn’t need to without this main Scratch was attracted to me. Sonali blows up and leave.

Afterward, Sonali is in a lodging sitting tight for Scratch. Here, Nandita takes nek from Scratch for going into his room. Pallavi is inside the room close to the entryway. Scratch enters and she is going to fall when Scratch gets her. Here, Sonali gets a thump and believes it’s Scratch however it’s Shanky. Sonali gets some information about Scratch. Shanky says he was worn out so he believed that me should accept him out so I have come to take the keys. He detects the keys on table so he requests that Sonali bring it. Sonali lashes out yet gives the keys.

Here, Scratch inquires as to whether she is cheerful. Scratch says you got what you needed, I wedded according to your decision. Pallavi says you did it by your decision. Scratch says since you asked me to, you had left me 18 years back and presently likewise you did likewise, you were unable to take it that how somebody can cherish you so much, you realize that I would do anything for you so utilized it to make me wedded to Sonali.

Scratch holds Pallavi and requests that she see him in the eyes and say on the off chance that she truly doesn’t adore him. Pallavi is quiet and afterward says no I don’t, I was living all alone for quite a long time and taking care of everything was troublesome so when you came I got support however at that point we just imagined as a couple for Dadi that is all there is to it nothing more. Scratch says it was great when I was in New York away from this, I was furious as you required no work to patch things between us. Scratch says now you are cheerful? Pallavi glances around and gets close to home.

Precap – Pallavi comes clean about her and Scratch’s separation to Dadi. Scratch and Shanky go out to have drinks. Pallavi goes out providing Dadi with the obligation of her children. Dadi gets close to home.

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