Anupama Written Update 23rd September 2022:

Anupama Written Update 23rd September 2022 on

Bakha shares with Kinjal that Paritosh will continue to deceive her. She quote Paritosh is Vanraj’s blood. Barkha requests that Kinjal give separation to Paritosh and continue on in her life like Anupama. Kinjal shares with Barkha that she would rather not discuss Paritosh any longer.

Barkha tells Kinjal if at any point she wants her to talk she can move toward her. Anuj on video call asks Anupama what she is doing. Anupama tells to Anuj she is sitting tight for Anu outside her craft class. Kinjal comes crying and tells Anuj that Arya’s throat has been chocked. She sees Anupama on video call and requests that she return home. Anupama offer guidance to Kinjal to pat Arya’s back. Kinjal requests that Anupama return.

Leela chastens Samar for going out. She requests that Samar take her to Paritosh. Leela gets irate on Kinjal too for going out. Vanraj requests that Leela let Kinjal quiet and afterward they will talk further. Leela requests that Vanraj bring Paritosh back before it gets late. She says Paritosh did the slip-up however he can be pardoned.

Leela inclinations Vanraj to bring Paritosh. Kinjal cries and requests that Anuj call Anupama as Arya is crying consistently. Anuj choose to call Anupama. He tumbles down. Anupama return at get stunned seeing Anuj lying on the floor. She gets focused on seeing Arya. Anu asks Anupama what has befallen Anuj. Anupama stands crying.

Paritosh settles on a decision to Vanraj. He question Vanraj why he was pardoned and none is excusing him for a similar slip-up. Paritosh asks Vanraj for what good reason it is so natural for Guardians to toss their youngsters out from the house.

Vanraj sit mum. Paritosh tells Vanraj that Anupama and he obliterated his life and presently he will accomplish something important. Vanraj is worried. Paritosh attempts to endeavor a self destruction. Anupama cries and think she flopped as a mother, mother by marriage and spouse. She feels remorseful.

Anuj and Kinjal ask Anupama not to feel remorseful. Anupama cries and gets uncontrolled. Anuj console Anupama. Vanraj call Anupama to enquire about Paritosh. He conceals the real truth and asks Anupama not to push.

Vanraj dream Samar provided him with the insight about Paritosh’s self destruction. Back to the real world; Samar asks Vanraj not to stress as Paritosh is fine. Vanraj stresses for Paritosh. Leela over hears Vanraj and Samar’s discussion.

Anuj and Kinjal put Anupama to the rest. Kinjal choose to take off from the house. Anuj persuades her to remain back. Anupama stresses in rest over her obligations. Anuj tells to Anupama about Sunday. Leela plans to say goodbye to progenitors and makes sense of for Kavya about pritpaksh.

Precap: Leela requests that Kinjal return home before Anupama actuate her to give separation to Paritosh. Anupama tells Leela let Kinjal and Paritosh end their important choice.

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