Anupama 5th August 2022 Written Update:

Anupama 5th August 2022 Written Update on

Anupama inquires as to whether she made the Rakshabandhan. Anu tells to Anupama that she picked up making Rakshabandhan at halfway house. Anuj says they will send Rakhi. Anu says they will make Rakhi for everybody including Shahs. She says she will attach Rakhi to Anuj and Anupama as well. Anuj inquires as to why. Anu says Hasmuk told her that Rakhi is attached to the person who safeguards us hence she will bind to them as well. She inquires as to whether Shahs will come for Rakhi or not. Anupama redirects the discussion and says it is her most memorable celebration at the house and they will celebrate it terrifically.

Vanraj requests that Shahs observe Rakhi to redirect Pakhi’s brain post she will slip into melancholy. He gets some information about what happened as of now. Leela side Vanraj. Anuj and Anupama appeal to God alongside Kapadia. They decked up to observe Rakshabandhan. Shahs go to God as well. Anu alongside Anuj and Anupama hail Lord Krishna. Vanraj gives his help to Pakhi. Barkha gets tension.

Ankush asks Barkha what is focusing on her. Barkha says she is focused on upon what declaration Anuj will make. Ankush requests that Barkha quiet. He wish Anuj and Anupama gets the joy of their life today so they can disregard the declaration. Barkha says while perhaps not today than Anuj will make declaration other day. Ankush says none has seen what’s in store. Anuj hears Anukush and Barkha.

Shahs observe Rakhi. Kinjal sit tight for Samar. Leela says Samar’s train may be late. Cart cry and miss Anupama. Vanraj shares with Dolly that Anupama has a place with Kapdia’s. Pakhi lament isolating Anupama from her loved ones. She blames Vanraj for not preventing her from offending Anupama. Vanraj sit paralyzed. Cart choose to visit Anupama. Vanraj inquires as to whether she has flown off the handle. He says in spite of knowing all that she is choosing to go to Anuapma. Kavya side Dolly and says Anuj has restricted Anupama’s entrance however they can visit last option still.

Anu inquires as to whether nobody from Shah house will visit them. She hangs tight for Paritosh and Samar. Anuj requests that Anu attach Rakhi to him as Samar and Paritosh may be occupied. Samar makes an emotional section. Anupama, Anu and others get cheerful. Samar dance. Anupama embraces Samar. Samar illuminates Anupama that post learning her lack of respect he landed straightforwardly to her home. Sara praise Samar for making a sensational passage.

Anupama and Samar share a discussion. Samar laments Pakhi’s activity. Anupama cries. She choose to praise the celebration without crying. Samar cheers Anupama. Shahs gain from Anu that Samar visited Anupama as of now. She welcomes Shahs for Rakhshabandhan. Kavya get stricken with Anu’s guiltlessness. Kinjal and Kavya choose to visit Anupama. Vanraj attempted to stop Kinjal and Kavya. Cart, Hasmuk and Jignesh choose to go with Kavya and Kinjal to Anupama’s home. Vanraj prevents Pakhi from going.

Precap: Anupama deals with incapacitated Anuj. She promises to get him better.

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